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Monday, February 26, 2024
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The series “Volunteer Playlist” will be screened in online cinema starting May 18 KXan 36 Diario

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:55:38

The new eight-episode drama “Volunteer Playlist” is based on the novel of the same name by Artyom Lyashenko (Mrshavko Shtapich), a participant in search and rescue operations. “Volunteer Playlist” was shot by director Maxim Sveshnikov, who, one might say, specializes in socially significant projects – it is enough to recall such works as his series “257 Reasons to Live” or “Container”. “Volunteer Playlist” tells the story of the battle for human lives during the birth of the first volunteer search parties in the country.

The protagonist of the series Shtapich (in this role Ivan Yankovsky) started a family very early and also quickly lost it, managed to end his career and was left without a job at the age of 25. Once on the search and rescue team, he has the opportunity to fulfill himself in a new professional environment and acquire not only friends, but also like-minded people, people who are truly passionate about his work.

Very quickly Shtapich becomes the star of the team, but success in the professional field does not bring the desired happiness. He continues to run between his ex-wife, who is not interested in him, but who is ready to fight with girlfriends, and a girl nicknamed Doll, for whom Shtapich has strong feelings. Working in the detachment, he dreams of getting rid of old problems, addictions and complexes, but gradually realizes that feats alone are not enough for this. He has a lot of work to do on himself.

The series was also attended by Shamil Khamatov, Zhenya Gromova, Artem Fedotov, Dmitry Chebotarev, Daria Rudenok, Mila Ershova, Marina Vasilyeva, Margo Adaeva, Alexandra Ursulyak, Evgenia Dmitrieva and others.

“The filming of ‘Volunteer’ was just brilliant! My colleagues on the set are great professionals, charming, kind and good people. They all worked as partners, everything was humorous – it’s a pleasure to interact with such artists on the set. The The story of the series is not simple: look for My hero, Shtapich, is a character who seems to have migrated from “Holidays in September” and “Flights in a dream and reality” here, in our time, like Khabensky’s hero from “On the Move”, just in a slightly different setting. But it was an amazing ride!” – Ivan Yankovsky, the main actor, talks about the shooting.

Photo: Courtesy of Okko

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