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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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The ship of the Black Sea Fleet is named after the deceased sailor – Hero of Russia – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 21:34:18

– As part of the composite infantry battalion of the Marine Corps, Vladislav Dorokhin performed tasks in direct contact with the enemy. In the last battle he showed heroism, covered the retreat of his comrades and at the end of the battle blew himself up together with the enemy soldiers. What can be higher and more glorious than his feat? – said the commander of the Black Sea Fleet Viktor Sokolov at the ceremony.

He noted that during the military special operation, the Black Sea Fleet performs combat missions with high quality and reliability: missile boats and submarines attack the enemy with long-range weapons, marines fight in battles on land, and forces of air defense and electronic warfare are reliable. protect the Crimean sky.

– Unfortunately, there are also losses. In the past six months, this is the third warship to receive an honorary name in honor of fallen Black Sea heroes. The combat ships of the fleet already bear the names of Andrey Paliy and Oleg Shipitsyn, Sokolov recalled. – We will always remember them and educate generations of residents of the Black Sea on the example of the exploits of our heroes. Eternal memory to the heroes of the Black Sea. Blessed memory of Vladislav Dorokhin.

21-year-old Vladislav Dorokhin served as a contract sailor on the Ladny patrol boat. And when he started the SVO, he volunteered for the Marine Corps’ 810th Separate Guards Brigade. He participated in the battles for the Donbass.

On June 21, near the village of Egorovka near Ugledar, our scouts in an armored personnel carrier stumbled upon a large enemy grouping. An unequal battle ensued, Dorokhin from the airborne guns of the armored personnel carrier destroyed ten fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The armored personnel carrier was hit, the Marines were wounded. Vladislav decided to stay and cover the retreat of his comrades. He was surrounded. The ammunition has run out. In order not to give up alive, he blew himself up with two grenades, destroying several VSUshnikovs in the process.

Vladislav Dorokhin in Yelets, Lipetsk region. In 2016, the family moved to Simferopol, where Vlad graduated from high school and entered the local university in the field of tourism. He liked hiking, he loved the Crimean nature. He dropped out of school to follow in his military father’s footsteps. After completing his military service, he signed a contract and remained in the Navy.

In December 2022, the Hero of Russia star was awarded to the family of Vladislav Dorokhin. And on the wall of the Simferopol gymnasium No. 1 named after IV Kurchatov, where the hero studied, a memorial plaque was installed.

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