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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The situation for the United States will turn into a stalemate: the condition for a turning point in the special operation in Ukraine is named

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 05:12:44

US delivers heavy military equipment to Ukraine border – to Poland and Lithuania as part of NATO mission


On the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Igor Vittel and Ivan Pankin discussed the situation around Ukraine with a military expert, a member of the Izborsk Club Vladislav Shurygin.

– Washington is pressuring Ukraine to step up – Has the US stopped fearing tactical nuclear strikes?

– They understand that Russia, most likely, will not turn to them. First of all, there will have to be a tactical strike, not one, not even ten. Secondly, the use of tactical ammunition in current conditions will fulfill the main dream of the Americans – it will turn Russia into a pariah country for decades. Even our allies cannot justify us as the country that used nuclear weapons for the first time since 1945, against a country that does not have nuclear weapons.

– I mean, aren’t they pushing for a hard climb?

Climbing isn’t exactly the right word. Each side is trying to achieve its goals. It is desirable that the Americans force Moscow to admit defeat and withdraw its troops. It is unlikely that they will try to influence the territory of Russia. But they will be satisfied with the “Desert Storm” option, when Iraq, which the Americans lured into Kuwait, received a military defeat and was forced to withdraw its troops. It was not occupied, but it became a pariah for the next ten years as the Americans prepared for a second campaign in which they occupied Iraq.

– Does the fate of Iraq seem like a tracing paper in relation to Russia?

– Yes, but the difference is that then the Americans themselves fought, together with the allies. Now they use a proxy army – the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That you have to be armed as much as possible, because the victory over Russia is not yet visible. Now the Americans and their allies are betting on a spring-summer offensive. At first they hoped that during the winter they would be able to defeat the Russians. In Kyiv, they promised to take Melitopol for the New Year, go to the Crimea, and by February 24 to go to the line that was at the time the NWO began. These plans have now been rescheduled for the spring.

– Do you understand that Russia is also strengthening its forces?

– They understand, but they do everything possible to form a group. Two corps are formed, dozens of tanks are delivered, at least one brigade set. New brigades, similar to Stryker’s, are being formed and provided with weapons for it.

They make a bet: either all or nothing. And they fully understand that if the next offensive attempt does not end with the defeat of the Russians, then the future prospects for Ukraine become very vague.

– Do we have to hurry?

– Undoubtedly. Now we are redoing everything from the wheels. We started with a compact professional army, which turned out to be small for such an NVO. Now we are building powerful forces, building industry. If by the summer we reach a level of military supplies that exceeds everything the West can give Ukraine, then the situation will be stagnant for the United States. Then Russia will begin to digest the territories, moving further and further inland. And it will be important for the United States to simply stop the Russians and negotiate, even at the loss of its reputation.

– What is the other option?

– If we do not agree with anyone and continue to digest Ukraine for another year, when Ukraine will remain, at best, a piece that has no strategic importance. And the entire Black Sea coast, the entire left bank of the Dnieper will turn out to be the Ukraine we control.

– Zelensky demands security guarantees from NATO – Is this a formality?

– It doesn’t matter. What guarantees can be given? They give him tanks, artillery, they are the best guarantees they can give him. No one will fight for him.

– But the Poles said they were ready to go in.

– The Poles never said that they were going to fight with Russia. They can go in when Ukraine is falling apart to get back their Lvov and a couple of western regions. But the Poles do not plan to seriously fight with Russia.

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