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Monday, June 5, 2023
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The Stand Up program returns to TNT: without Nurlan Saburov, Slava Komissarenko, Ruslan Bely, Ivan Abramov and other stars

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:41:58

The next season of the Stand Up program begins on TNT, and in this regard, the channel reports that “the best comedians share funny stories and unexpected observations with the audience, and also joke with modern trends without hesitation.”

Only here the composition of the participants, in fact, the main thing in this project, somewhat discouraged the fans of the show. They found virtually none of the first magnitude stars. There is no Ruslan Bely, Slava Komissarenko, Ivan Abramov, Timur Karginov, Nurlan Saburov, Viktor Komarov and others. Some of those listed left the country and sold homes in the capital, some ran into trouble after the NWO issue was raised at concerts.

Of the superstars, only Aleksey Shcherbakov, a comedian who served in the GRU special forces, who did not say a word about the SVO, managed to be persuaded to stay. Now those who have long been waiting for their chance to go to the forefront will take the blame on their stellar colleagues. TNT calls it a “dream lineup”: Guram Amaryan, Pavel Dedishchev, Rasul Chabdarov, Artem Vinokur, Evgeny Chebatkov, Valentin Sidorov, Alexei Stakhovich and others.

“Guram Aramyan will speak about the unexpected difficulties of vacationing in Egypt, where the local population mistook the comedian for their own, preventing him from fully enjoying his vacation,” the channel’s statement said. -Pavel Dedishchev will share his grief with the audience, and in the literal sense, the comedian will tell about a trip to the proctologist, after which his life was divided into before and after. Rasul Chabdarov will bring good news: he recently became a father and experienced all the delights of partner childbirth.

Seeing the composition of the new season, the audience bombarded TNT social networks with comments of disappointment: “Damn, there was no one left from the previous composition, not even Starovoitov”, “Komarov also left or what?”, “There must be Dorohov, where is he?”, “Means to rob hell!”, “And which of them is a comedian?”.

But Alexey Shcherbakov, who became the host of the new season, does not lose heart.

“There are at least three reasons to include a new season of Stand Up,” the comedian is sure. – Many new, daring and “hungry” comedians, with a fresh look at reality, old favorite comedians, well, because I present all this! Show participants can see the fun even in an empty room without light; it is a must see.

Stand Up, TNT, Friday, 11:00 p.m.


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