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Friday, March 31, 2023
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The stars went to court: who offended Leontiev, the star of the series “Matchmakers” Kravchenko and Klimov

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 10:06:57

Valery Leontiev does not come to Russia from America for a year

Photo: Artem KILKIN

The stars this winter on the courts have already lost, and they hope to win again. We tell you which of the artists will go to trial in the coming weeks and who has recently received a ready decision.

Communal disputes between Leontiev and Maksakova

82-year-old Lyudmila Maksakova begins to sue the Moscow Capital Repair Fund; the first meeting is on February 15th. The claim of the popular artist is considered in the category of “disputes with management companies.” A communal disaster occurred in Maksakova’s luxurious apartment on Bryusov Lane. A worker who was renovating the facade of a high-rise building fell onto the balcony of Maksakova’s apartment, and it was possible to evacuate him from there only by opening the door of the apartment of the artist, who was absent in Moscow. The door was opened, the worker was taken away. Maksakova’s claim is as follows: she wants to return 347,500 rubles for the door and 100,000 rubles as moral damages.

73-year-old Valery Leontiev does not come to Russia for a year from the United States, where he lives with his wife. In Moscow, he has an apartment on Kolokolnikov Lane in the house number 24, built in 1917. The singer bought two large apartments on neighboring floors, in addition he bought an attic – he received a three-level dwelling. The pipes burst so that they powerfully flooded the neighbors from below – the ceiling and walls became unusable. At the end of January, the Meshchansky Court partially satisfied the neighbor’s lawsuit against Leontiev. The singer must pay 225 thousand 329 rubles as compensation for restoration repair, 8 thousand rubles for examination costs and 5 thousand for state duty.

Kravchenko and Lenkom against Sadalsky

Stas Sadalsky, 71, prepares for the trial with his 69-year-old ex-girlfriend, People’s Artist Tatyana Kravchenko. A month ago, Stanislav Sadalsky hinted on social networks that the actress Kravchenko did not come on tour to St. Petersburg with the performance without a repertoire “The Highlight of the Season” due to problems with alcohol. Sadalsky and Kravchenko play the main roles in this performance. Tatyana Eduardovna was outraged: they say that she refused to perform with Sadalsky, since she rejected gossip about the Lenkom Theater, where she works, she insulted the theater director Mark Varshaver. Kravchenko told KP.RU: “What Sadalsky said about our theater is a monstrous lie. What he says about me is vile and insulting nonsense. It is also not true that the performance was interrupted because of me. There was no fault. They brought another actress in my place. I am suing Sadalsky for defamation.” The star of the series “Matchmakers” on the eve of that very performance talked with the director of “Lenkom”, about whom she learned from Sadalsky’s interview. Stanislav Yuryevich said that actress Alexandra Zakharova was “expelled” from the Lenkom (a theater run by her father for more than 40 years). Sadalsky hinted that Kravchenko brought him this gossip and offended Varshaver: “He settles with her. All of Moscow is talking about it.”

Stas Sadalsky prepares for trial


Tatyana Eduardovna assured Varshaver: she had not said anything of the sort. This week, Kravchenko confirmed his intention to punish Sadalsky in court: “No pardon!” Stanislav Yuryevich scares Kravchenko: they say, get ready that you will be constantly reminded in court and in the press, about hints of alcohol addiction. Another defamation lawsuit is being prepared, from the Lenkom Theater. Since Zakharova works and receives about 300 thousand rubles a month (salary, fee, royalties). In addition, Sadalsky accused Varshaver of dual citizenship, which is also a lie. Such lawsuits are complex: the court will decide how Sadalsky spoke: he stated or expressed his personal opinion, etc.

Lawyer’s comment: Timur Mateev told kp.ru about the nuances of the lawsuits against Sadalsky: “The issue of libel is quite complicated. You can go to court for the dissemination of defamatory information – Article 152 of the Civil Code “Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation”: for the repair of non-material damage that is recovered in favor of a citizen; and for the rebuttal of the information that the person disseminated. You can also write a statement under the criminal article (128.1) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Slander” – a fine of half a million to five million rubles is provided for: depending on the information and how it was disseminated (using official position or no, etc. According to the provisions of this article, the fine will be imposed on State revenue.

Klimov and Borisov exceeded alimony

The alimony debt of 45-year-old actor Igor Petrenko at the end of 2022 was registered on the website of the Federal Bailiff Service in the amount of more than 6 million rubles. The bailiff, at the request of actress Ekaterina Klimova, filed a lawsuit against the debtor in court for a temporary restriction on travel abroad. Klimova and Petrenko divorced 8 years ago, they have two minor children together. The actors signed an agreement with a notary, where they indicated a fixed amount of alimony. It is not tied to the payments prescribed by law; in this case, support for two children is 1/3 of the parents’ income. Petrenko’s debt accumulated for almost a year, but he did not try to reduce the amount of alimony through the court. Although after the signing of the alimony agreement, Petrenko had three daughters in a new marriage. His wife Kristina complained that the family lives in a rented apartment: “Igor has a lot of obligations.” Klimova also has enough expenses: she is not married, she lives with her children and her mother in a country house in an elite town near Moscow. The actress only pays 1 million 620 thousand rubles a year for studying at a private Lomonosov school. Ekaterina also brings up two daughters: 20-year-old student Lisa from businessman Ilya Khoroshilov and 7-year-old Bella from actor Gella Meskhi.

Klimova and Petrenko divorced 8 years ago


Who else? Dana Borisova managed through the court for her ex-husband to pay alimony for her 15-year-old daughter Polina from her not 15 thousand rubles a month, but 60 thousand. However, businessman Maxim Aksyonov transferred only 15,000. Borisova warned: when the debt accumulates, it will go to court. The court satisfied the claim of Ivan Telegin, forward of the Avangard hockey club, against his ex-wife, the singer Pelageya, to reduce the amount of alimony for his 6-year-old daughter Taisiya. Telegin transferred 25% of the income to his daughter; according to rumors, it is about 500 thousand rubles a month. Recently, he began paying child support for his 6-year-old son Mark, from his ex-civilian wife Evgenia Nour. Therefore, she is entitled to have the amount of alimony for her son and daughter not exceed 33% of her monthly income. Now Telegin will pay 16.5% of his income for each child.

Disputes over the inheritance of Moses

The details of the trial to fight for the inheritance of singer Boris Moiseev will become clear in the near future. The lawyer is waiting to get acquainted with the will, studies the information, documents. After Moiseev’s death, his brother, 82-year-old Marx Tolkach, complained that Boris had not been allowed to communicate with him in recent years. According to the artist’s friends: Boris himself did not want this. Pusher lives in Canada, he was not at the funeral. Now he has reached an agreement with the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky: “Mr. Marx Tolkach invited me to represent his interests in the case of the inheritance of his brother Boris Moiseev. According to him, the entire volume of documents, according to which Boris Moiseev was deprived of his property, and Marx Tolkach – of his inheritance, were drawn up under duress and / or without effect. It is known that the artist rewrote two apartments in the capital, apartments in Jurmala and Bulgaria for their director Sergei Gorokh, who helped Moiseev to make a “state” in real estate, including the production of a duet with Gurchenko. The most expensive apartment with an area of ​​120 square meters went to Sergey Gorokh under a lifetime lease. Peas took care of Moiseev after strokes, visited him daily, brought everything he needed, controlled life.

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