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Friday, June 9, 2023
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The strongest marriages of TV stars: from Andrey Malakhov to Lera Kudryavtseva

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:46:59

Andrey Malakhov has been happy with Natalia Shkuleva for 11 years.

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Popular TV hosts (unlike their showbiz colleagues) rarely show off on the red carpet and at parties, let alone attend events with their soul mates. We are talking about a reliable rear – the wives and husbands of the most popular faces on our television, who were able to create strong families.

Andrei Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov, 51, has been married to Natalya Shkuleva for 11 years. She is 10 years younger than Andrei and works as an editor at a media outlet owned by his father. The wife of the screen star graduated from the MGIMO Faculty of International Law, after graduation she began working in the family business. At work, Natalia met Malakhov, at lunch in the dining room. Andrei was then the editor-in-chief of the StarHit magazine, which was published by the Shkulev holding. The office romance developed rapidly. The couple have a five-year-old son, Alexander Malakhov.

Malakhov and Shkuleva’s wedding was played in France.

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After the birth of his son, Malakhov built his schedule in such a way as to spend time with his son. If before during the week before work at dawn he went to the gym, now he spends time from 7 to 10 in the morning with his son. A TV presenter recently told us: “We spend the morning hours together every day, this is our rule. On Saturday mornings, we always go to the pool with Sasha.” Malakhov’s weekends are only with his family. Malakhov is proud of his wife: “Natasha is a wonderful mother. Of course, I understood that she runs a large publishing house and can organize any process. But the way she built the life of our family had an impact on me. Everyone in the family has time for everything: after work they spend time exclusively with the family. Malakhov and his wife go to the theater, cinema and exhibitions, but not in the early days, when there is a lot of press and cameras.

What drives? “Malakhov”, “Hello, Andrey!”, “Songs from the bottom of my heart”, events and concerts broadcast on the channel “Russia”.

Ekaterina Andreev

TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva and businessman Dushan Perovich first went to the registry office, and a few years later they got married. The couple have been together for 31 years. Dusan was born in Yugoslavia, he is a Serb by nationality.

Ekaterina Andreeva and Dusan Perovich went to the registry office 31 years ago.

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Andreeva has a strong marriage: “This is some kind of coincidence that happened in heaven. Happiness. Every day you wake up with a person next to you and you understand that you are not tired of him. And that you want to see him, feel his skin, inhale his scent, hear his voice. We have a rule: at 12 o’clock, be sure to call each other to find out how things are going. This is really a gift of fate, which does not depend on me. Somehow I must have deserved it”. The TV presenter and her husband travel in their free time, go to the theater or cinema. Andreeva talks about her husband in such a way that she seems really lucky: “Of course, he has flaws, but they don’t get me. We don’t swear, even argue in a civilized way, without getting personal, insults, shouting. I respect him, so I always listen to my husband’s opinion. Someone starts quarrels, scandals. Not so with us: we are people like-minded and healthy couple. Even if they are of different nature. Dushan is a supporter of order and I am chaos. I start to scatter things, he calmly cleans them. Like a little raccoon loves to wash and rinse everything. We matched – apparently, he lacks the destabilization that I bring. And if Dushan does not like something, he says: “Kitten, please forgive me, but I want you to understand…” And then there is a list of complaints. The main words are “forgive me…” After them, but you understand everything differently … ”Andreeva and Perovich do not have common children, Ekaterina’s daughter is from her first marriage. The TV presenter and her daughter Natalya are supporters of proper nutrition, but Dushan eats what he likes. Andreeva said: “When we go home, we usually order ready meals, we use the services of good caterers. But Dushan himself loves shopping, he relieves stress that way: he chooses something, rummages, arranges himself at home.

What drives? The “Time” program on Channel One.

Vladimir Solovyov

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov has been happily married to psychologist Elga Sepp for 22 years. Elga raises five children: the couple has three sons and two daughters. In the program “The Fate of a Man” Solovyov talked about meeting Elga. This happened on the set of the Crematorium group video, where Vladimir Rudolfovich was filmed at the invitation of a friend. In the dressing room I saw Elga. Solovyov said: “She was one of the girls who took part in the filming of the video. She said: “she There will be problems, call.” “And if there are no problems?” she asked. “Then don’t call.” Elga was studying to be a psychologist at the time and called to ask for advice on her thesis. At the first meeting, they communicated about “you”. But Solovyov immediately asked: at which meeting would it be possible to make an offer, Elga was embarrassed, but she answered – at the third.

The TV presenter said that in his third marriage he found true love. Elga (daughter of satirist Viktor Koklyushkin) and her husband live happily without making their relationship public. Solovyov has three children from his first two marriages: his father has excellent relations with all of them.

What drives? “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the channel “Russia”.

Lera Kudryavtseva

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva is now the main breadwinner in the family, as the hockey player’s husband retired from professional sports. Ten years ago, Lera Kudryavtseva married hockey star Igor Makarov. This marriage was discussed a lot: then Makarov was an enviable groom: he earned a lot, moreover, the new husband of the TV personality turned out to be 16 years younger than her. After 10 years of marriage, Lera looks very good, 15 years younger than the numbers in her passport. The couple have a 4-year-old daughter, Maria. Now 35-year-old Makarov is no longer a sports star – the career of a professional athlete is short, so now the man is looking for himself as a coach and is thinking about what to do next. And Lera earns a lot of money – she hosts and produces rating shows. She also works hard at private events. This temporary financial imbalance is not an obstacle to a happy marriage.

Lera Kudryavtseva now earns more than her husband Igor Makarov, but before it was the other way around. The couple have a daughter, Masha.

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Rumors constantly appear about the separation of the couple, which Lera occasionally denies – the couple does not flaunt life. But Kudryavtseva talks about housework in a country house: she always cooks on her own: “The whole house depends on me, and Igor has a person who helps him. Men’s affairs are divided into two halves: both the husband and the assistant do it. Lera says that Igor is her man, she is interesting with him. Despite the age difference, Kudryavtseva is calmer: “My man is like a young old man. If I am still somehow invigorated at my age, then he is already like that: a little boring, homely. However, sometimes he feels that he lacks experience somewhere.

What drives? “Secret for a million”, “Stars aligned” on NTV. He also participates in the channel’s programs as a member of the jury, conducts concerts, festivals, “Song of the Year”.

vadim takmenev

TV presenter Vadim Takmenev and his wife, philologist Elena, have been together for 28 years. Vadim says that his wife is perfect: “I can’t imagine how you can think of new relationships in adulthood. I will get thrills at work, but in the rear I need stability. Yes, and everything is fresh with us, like the tulips on the kitchen table. Vadim and Elena were classmates at Kemerovo State University: he studied journalism, and she studied philology. He fell in love at first sight and courted the bride for a year. They married young, so their two daughters are quite old now. At home, after Vadim’s work, we always look forward to a delicious dinner: “Lena cooks amazingly, her signature dish is cold borscht.” Takmenev says that he and his wife understand each other at a glance.

Vadim Takmenev with his wife Elena and daughters.

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What drives? “Central Television”, “You are super!”, “Superstar” on NTV.

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