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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The swan song of love by Igor Yasulovich: Meeting in a restaurant, a glimpse and a real romance that lasts 60 years.

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 13:22:21

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich died at the age of 82.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich died at the age of 82. The actor’s farewell will take place on August 22 from 11 am to 1 pm at the MTYUZ theater, where Yasulovich worked for 30 years and even played in six performances at a respectable age. The last theatrical role of the artist – Ermiy in the play based on Leskov’s “Buffoon Pamphalon” at the Center for Drama and Directing, where Yasulovich performed on stage for six hours in a row, and he is 81 years old. Yasulovich will be remembered for more than two hundred roles (in film and theater), as well as as a teacher – Igor Nikolayevich raised several generations of young actors and directors, while teaching at GITIS and VGIK. In June, Igor Yasulovich and Alexander Titel recruited a new course of students at the GITIS Faculty of Musical Theater. There were many plans. Before the start of the school year, the artist planned to rest with his family in a country house in the village. But there were health problems – Igor Yasulovich spent several weeks in the hospital, unfortunately, his body could not cope with a serious illness … The people’s artist had a friendly family. Igor Yasulovich and his wife Natalya Egorova lived in harmony with the family of his son. And recently they celebrated a diamond wedding – 60 years together, during this time not a single gossip about treason, no “acting spree” – such constancy is not often seen in the acting environment.

A story of love and loyalty.

In 1962, his friend and actor Vsevolod Abdulov introduced him to his future wife Igor Yasulovich; he was married to a school friend of Natalia Egorova. Igor Nikolaevich said: “For some reason, it seemed to Seva that we were suitable for each other. More than half a century of our family life has shown that she was not wrong. For the first acquaintance, two couples went to dinner in a Budapest restaurant: the acquaintance was successful: sympathy arose between young people. Then Egorova was courted by another young man, but she chose Igor.

Yasulovich laughed: “He was so cute then. I remember that the movie “Through the Cemetery” was being filmed, where I had my first big role. They made me up, they did photographic tests. The screenwriter Pavel Nilin said: “The artist is not good, he is too handsome.” The director Viktor Turov defended my candidacy”. Igor quickly won the heart of his future wife: they met every day for a year, got married in January 1963: Yasulovich then worked at the Pantomime Theater Studio, and Egorova studied at Moscow State University at the Faculty of History. . Natalya was from a well-known metropolitan family – the daughter of film director Yuri Yegorov. The wedding was modest: held with friends at home, after the performance the guests brought a snack. The young woman then lived with Natalia’s grandparents.

When an attempt was made to immobilize Igor Nikolaevich by the fact that he had married the daughter of a famous director: he was touched. Yasulovich even recently answered the question about a profitable marriage in an interview for his anniversary: ​​“I had no such plans. Honestly. Back then, we all didn’t really care about the lack of many things. But the needs were not great, because the country had not yet entered the era of the consumer society. However, I always wanted to dress well. My colleague Vitaly Komissarov once gave me loafers that didn’t fit me very well. Then I enlarged them: I cut the parts myself and sewed them in the right place so that they fit on my leg, and I walked in them for a long time. The need for inventions is cunning!

Actor Igor Yasulovich and his wife Natalya Yegorova. Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Three years after the wedding, the only child Alexei of the spouses was born. Igor Yasulovich recalled: “When Natasha was pregnant with Alyosha, the doctors said that music had a beneficial effect on the fetus. We try to go to the conservatory more often. I started collecting records and now the collection is already very large. Igor Yasulovich was such an understanding and caring husband and father for 60 years.

Nice and big house.

The actor’s wife is now 80 years old. Natalya Egorova is a teacher, art critic and has retired in recent years. Previously, she Natalya Yuryevna taught at GITIS and at the Moscow Art Theater School. Now she is taking care of her youngest granddaughter. Igor Yasulovich until July 2023 led a very active lifestyle: he left in the morning to teach or rehearse, and returned late at night after performances.

Yasulovich was often asked: what is the secret of a long and happy family life? He responded like this: “Universal recipes do not exist. Each one builds his life as he wants to build it. There are people who converge, disperse, find another, disperse again. We did not have those situations when someone said: “I’m leaving!” Of course, there are no offenses, sometimes misunderstandings happen. It is important to understand that it is worth leaving a person alone… And after a while, no one will remember what happened.”

But Igor Nikolayevich always tried – he helped his wife with the housework (when there was time). And he tried to be romantic: bouquets, gifts: “On tour, if something catches your eye: a ring or something cute from clothes: a blouse, a coat, then you bring it as a gift.”

Igor Nikolaevich and his wife sold an apartment in the capital and bought a house in the nearest suburbs (a couple of kilometers from the Altufievo metro station). Igor Nikolaevich loved the house: “We live in a three-storey semi-detached house. The first is a kitchen-dining room, in the second is our space with my wife: a bedroom and a living room. And in the third son Alyosha lives with his wife Ksyusha and his daughter Glafira. The daughter-in-law works at GITIS as the dean of the faculty where artists are taught. Alexey is a director, producer, shoots, edits. I went to the camp, I taught the kids to make movies.” Igor Nikolaevich and Natalya Yuryevna have been living with their son’s family for a long time: they could have parted, but everyone likes their way of life.

Yasulovich left his continuation – the granddaughters are similar to their grandfather in character. Glafira, 16, loves music: she studies piano at a music school. The eldest granddaughter (from Alexei’s first marriage), 28-year-old Vera, graduated from the production department of GITIS, got married and lives in St. Petersburg.


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