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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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The terrible truth about transgender people has been revealed: clinics make millions off children, convincing them to change their sex and ruining lives

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 08:45:02

The confessions of nurse Sue Evans, who has worked at GIDS since 2003, are terrifying

The Tavistock clinic, in the far south-west of England, has long been considered the world’s benchmark for mental health care. But with the beginning of this century, which was marked by the violent flourishing of all kinds of sexual minorities, local doctors decided to keep up with the fashion and make good money from it. The clinic has created a new structure: the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS). It went back to the fact that she accepted adolescents who, for whatever reason, decided that their bodies did not correspond to their own ideas about their gender. At first, these were mostly young men, usually autistic or anxiety-prone. There were 70-90 such patients per year. A small group of psychotherapists listened to young people, studied their motives, prescribed the necessary therapy and rarely used drugs that block puberty, prescribing them only to those who were already 16 years old.

But, as you know, appetite comes with food. And in the field of medicine, too. The number of clients, driven by public sentiment, was growing rapidly, so the clinic’s management decided not to waste time on long and complex psychological treatments, but simply to make money on the naive wishes of their patients. Do you want to change gender? No problem! It doesn’t matter if you are of legal age or not. Just pay the bill.

The Daily Mail ran a story from nurse Sue Evans, who has been with GIDS since 2003. Her revelations are terrifying.

“Sometimes a teenager will want to live their adult life as transgender, but it’s critical that they have a chance to think about it and weigh it all up,” says Evans. “I really wanted to try to help these troubled youth. In reality, they were victims of what was, in effect, a large-scale medical experiment. These involved powerful drugs that suppress natural sex hormones, the long-term safety of which has not been confirmed, and subsequent surgical intervention.

At meetings at the clinic, the doctors reported that they were prescribing therapy to young patients in the form of puberty blockers, having spoken to them only a couple of times.

“I thought, ‘This is too fast,'” the nurse recalls. – My heart sank. I was shocked.

It soon became clear that the powerful lobbying organizations in support of transgender people, Gires and Mermaids (“Mermaids”), are putting pressure on the employees of the medical institution. In meetings from time to time they would say: “The Mermaids advised us to do this.

By 2021, GIDS occupied an entire floor at the clinic’s London headquarters and was gaining momentum, with over 5,000 visits that year. A significant proportion were adolescent girls at puberty who had never before shown signs of gender bifurcation. And the age at which dangerous drugs were prescribed was getting younger.

“They started giving puberty blockers to kids between the ages of 10 and 11,” Sue is horrified. – And in justification they said: “Oh, these children know who they are, they are safe”. Although, how in those years can you make a serious decision for the rest of your life?

Evans sounded the alarm, but her colleagues immediately began poisoning her. The nurse began to be called “transphobic”, blamed for the fact that, for example, in the examination report of a 14-year-old boy who wanted to change his sex, she wrote about him in the masculine gender and did not name the teenager by his “preferred” female name.

One day, Sue plucked up the courage to ask the director of GIDS directly why they even offer puberty-blocking drugs. And he just as directly replied: “Because if not, they would not have come.” That is, we work according to a well-known principle – any whim for your money. And youth is capricious.

Unable to cope with what was happening at the clinic, Evans decided to resign. Yes, and his health faltered: headaches, insomnia became part of his working day. But she did not stop her fight for justice. Sue she contacted like-minded doctors, parents of disfigured teens, adult teens who had taken maturational blockers in GIDS and then realized what a stupid thing they had done. A class action lawsuit has been filed in court to reconsider whether children under the age of 16 can give qualified consent to the experimental treatments. After many court disputes, an authoritative medical report was published in 2022 concluding that GIDS was not up to the mark and that the children’s medical treatment lacked a sufficient evidence base. The organization was ordered closed.

But who will now help the thousands of people whose lives were mutilated in their youth by the greedy doctors of the Tavistock Clinic?

Readers of the Daily Mail post aren’t particularly optimistic about it either.

“The problem is that there is more than one hospital like this. If they close one, another one will immediately appear if the government does not finally put an end to this, ”writes a reader under the nickname JackAndy in the reviews. “Someone earns a lot of money from such services. They need more and more customers to keep the cash flowing,” Jax says.


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