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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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The three keys to educate your children and achieve success in the future

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 07:16:35

Throwing yourself fully into starting a family (whatever type it is) and having sons or daughters is quite an adventure. One of the aspects that worries adults the most and that takes on special importance throughout the growth of minors is education.

Not so much what they will receive at school, their training or the choice of extracurricular activities, but all the work that is done at home and that forms future adults and adults in society in values, morals, ethics, attitude. .. A very important task that, many times, is carried out even unconsciously or indirectly.

Obviously, and to make matters worse, educational trends vary as society evolves and develops. Author and parenting expert Margot Machol interviewed a total of 70 mothers and fathers for her book Raising an Entrepreneur. There I discovered that most of them opted for respectful parenting.

What is respectful parenting?

Machol cites the psychologist Angela Duckworth, who in her book Grit talks about parents who apply this educational theory as follows. “They are accurate judges of children’s psychological needs. They understand that children need love, limits and freedom to reach their full potential.” She continues: “Her authority is based on knowledge and wisdom, rather than power.”

Thus, respectful parenting is based on understanding the child, identifying their feelings and needs and not trying to impose those of adults on them. Adults who educate in this current, continues Machol, value the individuality of their sons and daughters and do not try to dictate what minors are curious about or how they express themselves.

Unlike popular parenting styles such as permissive, which overly pampers children to avoid conflict, or authoritarian, where communication is one-way, with little consideration of the child’s emotional needs; respectful parenting tries to see children as independent and rational beings.

Many adults still do not understand this current and see it, even, contrary to all intuition or logic. However, they have great benefits that will be appreciated in the small or small as they grow.

The pillars of respectful parenting

The first is what is called the structure, also understood as freedom and autonomy of the minor. Children must be allowed to make their own decisions, trying to ensure that they meet their expectations. For this, it will be necessary to guide them, explaining to them how they can achieve things in a better way, proposing different methods or paths. Of course, it is important to wait for them to be the ones to do things.

The second is support. Boys and girls must be given their right and space to express and have their own point of view. At the same time, their privacy and intimacy must be respected, without invading their most personal spaces. Likewise, you must avoid making constant corrections in their actions or speeches and try not to invalidate them.

Sweetie. This would be the last pillar and, not for that reason, it is the least important. Boys and girls need to know that they can turn to their mothers and fathers for help or shelter. Or, simply, comfort when something does not go as expected. It is important to spend quality time with the family, with them, doing playful and leisure activities.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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