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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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The Treasury prepares 1,200 million to pay for the aid check of 200 euros

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 11:04:54

One of the aid proposed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez in 2023 to alleviate the blow of the rise in prices after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is the check for 200 euros to buy food. This initiative will benefit 6 million people in 4.2 million homes, from the Agency

This is clear from the economic memory of the decree law, to which Europa Press has had access, where it is detailed that the calculations of this estimate have been made with the information available from the General Treasury of Social Security, the State Public Service of Employment (SEPE), the National Institute of Statistics (INSS), and the Ministry of the Interior.

The aid is designed for those households with incomes of less than 27,000 euros per year and with assets of no more than 75,000 euros, with the aim of “alleviating situations of economic vulnerability not covered by other benefits of a social nature.” Likewise, the norm specifies that households that are beneficiaries of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) or of some type of pension will not have access to the aid.

Those who receive benefits similar to those previously recognized for professionals not integrated into the Special Regime of the Social Security for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers by the social welfare mutuals that act as Social alternatives to the special regime will not be able to access either.

The possible beneficiaries of the aid will be able to request the check between February 15 and March 31 of this year, so they will only have a month and a half to make the request. In addition, you must do so at the electronic headquarters of the State Tax Administration Agency, filling in the electronic form that will be available to you within that period.

1,100 million for non-contributory pensions and IMV

On the other hand, the report breaks down the cost for public coffers of the extension of the 15% increase in non-contributory pensions and recipients of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) during 2023. As calculated by the Ministry of Social Inclusion, the extension of this increase in benefits will be around 1,100 million euros.

To estimate the budgetary impact of the 15% increase in the amount received from the IMV, it has been taken into account that around 402,424 households benefit from it. Thus, the total cost of this benefit in the first half of 2023, after considering the extraordinary increase up to 15%, is 210.14 million euros, a figure that rises to 420.3 million in its annual calculation.

However, the Government explains that, taking into account the remnants, a credit supplement is necessary to finance the extraordinary increase of some 51.5 million euros per semester and 103 million per year.

For its part, taking into account the number of beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions (446,000), it is estimated that the total expenditure on these benefits in the first half of 2023 will be 207.58 million euros and 415 million throughout the year. year. The increase in the amount of these benefits, up to 15%, is financed with a credit supplement of 90 million semi-annual and 180 million annually.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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