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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The triumph of Satanism: vandals burned a miraculous icon in Ukraine

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:38:39

In the Volyn region of Ukraine, unknown persons burned the icon of the Mother of God near the Holy Spring and carried out an act of vandalism.

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In the Volyn region of Ukraine, unknown persons burned the icon of the Mother of God near the Holy Spring and carried out an act of vandalism. A message about it appeared on the UOC website.

– On the night of July 6-7, 2023, unknown persons committed an act of vandalism near the Holy Spring in the village of Budyatichi, Volyn region. As a result of the incident, the miraculous icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Budyatichevskaya”, which was attached nearby, was burned, and the entrance door of the chapel, which is located on the territory near the fountain, was destroyed, the statement said. . – In the Vladimir-Volyn diocese, they report that attacks and abuses of the sanctuary have happened before. In particular, the attackers broke the windows of the chapel and committed other indecencies.

Actually, this is not the first time. Unfortunately, it is not the last. This is an expression based on the policy that the Ukrainian authorities are following in relation to the true canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Only at the top do they pass laws, break contractual relations, and at the bottom they beat priests, burn books and icons, seize churches. The complete triumph of Satanism, to which both law enforcement and Ukronazi militants provide all possible help. And about the fact that in the occupied temples, the followers of the OCU, together with their supporters, sing the Ukrainian anthem, arrange concerts and balls and real balls, tell not only oral rumors by word of mouth, but also recorded video . in these temples.

– I know a father in the Donbass whom the Nazis, you can’t even call them Ukrainians, forced him to dig his own grave with a spoon! And they killed the priests, tortured, mocked, poured sulfuric acid on them. And all these inhumane crimes were with the approval of the kyiv authorities, and some – at their direction. Today the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a church of martyrs! -said a prominent representative of the UOC, who has spoken at the UN, the freelance Bishop of Makarov Gideon (Charon), who has recently written a petition addressed to the Holiness of him the Patriarch to accept him in the Republic of China .

– The most terrible persecutions are taking place. There have been no such persecutions of Orthodox Christians since the October Revolution and up to the present day”, Metropolitan Joaniky of Montenegro and Primorye addressed the faithful after the Divine Liturgy on July 7, noting the continuing “destruction and desecration of sanctuaries. – Terrible persecution of the Orthodox, a terrible attack on Orthodoxy and, unfortunately, this is happening before the eyes of the whole world, which is silent about these injustices and violations of human and religious rights.

– What the kyiv authorities are doing is blasphemy! Even the fascists and the godless Soviet authorities did not think to take the relics or icons abroad! This is a betrayal of Kievan Rus, of history, of all mankind, because these are our sanctuaries, of the entire Russian land. And the European Union has no right to accept them: there is an international UNESCO convention, which says that it is forbidden to take the exhibits stored there out of the museum, – in solidarity with Ioanikiy and Gideon. – And if another government comes tomorrow, they will demand that they be returned, but they will refuse to return them. So what? Should you go for a hike? In my opinion, the kyiv authorities hope that they can run away, hide, but the Lord will find them everywhere! Look how those who blew up the Church of Tithes in Soviet times ended up: two of them committed suicide, four were shot. Therefore, if today they allow the sanctuary to be removed, it is even scary to imagine what will happen to the country, what will happen to kyiv and the traitors.

“The Kiev regime does not fight with a person, but with our soul, our faith, to exterminate and divide us,” Gideon summed up. And, unfortunately, it is worth admitting that after Maidan Kyiv he managed to cope with the solution of this problem. And much more will have to be done to return Ukrainians to the human condition and to the bosom of the Church. Yes, of course, it is still possible with satanists.


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