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Friday, March 1, 2024
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The truth about Bill Gates’ Russian mistress was revealed: the billionaire was blackmailed for treason with a beauty from Russia

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 07:03:46

Bill Gates, calm and harmless in appearance, has once again been caught up in an affair.


Bill Gates, calm and harmless in appearance, has once again been caught up in an affair. Two years ago he divorced his wife Melinda, with whom they lived for 27 years. In the immediate aftermath of this, the media was inundated with revelations from former Microsoft employees, bickering with each other over how Gates tried to take them out to dinner, and even seducing others.

Now new details of the private life of one of the richest people in the world have been revealed. Gates found a Russian lover.

This was revealed thanks to journalists’ attempts to establish a connection between the Microsoft co-founder and billionaire financier Jeffrey Epshein, who was accused of pedophilia and sexual exploitation of dozens of young people who participated in his closed sex parties.

Bill Gates has been repeatedly asked if he has spoken to Epstein. To this he replied that, indeed, he had once dined with him.

“I’m sorry about that dinner, but there was nothing, absolutely nothing,” Gates added. -He had relationships with people who, as he said, could donate to the development of global health, which interests me. And there are not enough funds in this direction.”

But it turned out that the matter did not end with a dinner. The men had a common friend – Russian Mila Antonova. According to The Wall Street Journal, Gates and Antonova met in 2010 at a bridge competition. Their fleeting relationship turned into a romance.

Three years later, Microsoft founding partner Boris Nikolic referred Mila to Jeffrey Epstein for help finding the half million dollars she needed to start an online business. The financier, among other things, helped pay for the girl’s programming lessons. But the startup ultimately failed.

Antonova maintained a good relationship with Epstein, so in 2014 she stayed a few days in his New York apartment. But apparently, there was no romantic or sexual relationship between them.

Whether true or not, the American press claims that in 2017, Jeffrey Epstein decided to blackmail Bill Gates by threatening him in an email with leaking information about his affair with Antonova. In return, he demanded that he be reimbursed $500,000 spent on Mila’s education.

And besides Antonova, Gates and Epstein still had friendly relations that lasted for many years. In the spring of 2013, they attended an evening together at the home of then-current Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjørn Jagland, where they vigorously discussed the activities of the billionaire’s polio fund in Afghanistan.

An official for the billionaire fund said the Microsoft founder’s weekly diaries list more than six scheduled meetings with Epstein, including in his private New York apartment, dating back to 2011. And in March 2013, Gates blew up Epstein’s jet, nicknamed ” Lolita Express” (due to the fact that it was transporting girls to the financier’s private island), from New Jersey to Florida. Now Bill Gates will have to repent once again of his encounters with the financier.

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Puck Henry
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