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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The United States cunningly got rid of competitors: the French will supply kyiv with rockets that no one wanted to buy

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:08:43

Information about the transfer of French SCALP cruise missiles to kyiv appeared in the French media on May 22.


A Kremlin spokesman commented on French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to supply Ukraine with SCALP medium-range missiles.

– Of course, it remains to clarify what kind of radio we are talking about. This, from our point of view, an erroneous decision is fraught with consequences for the Ukrainian side, – said Dmitry Peskov, – Naturally, this will force us to take countermeasures. There is a fundamental approach to such decisions. These decisions cannot affect the course of events within the NWO. They can only aggravate the fate of the kyiv regime.

Information about the transfer of French SCALP cruise missiles to kyiv appeared in the French media on May 22. When this act will take place, it was a matter of time.

On July 11, Macron announced the transfer of these weapons to kyiv. But there is information that the missiles are already on the territory of the square.

About what kind of weapon it is, what is dangerous for us, who exactly and where can use it, KP spoke with a military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Alexei Leonkov.

– Is the French SCALP very different from the British Storm Shadow?

– SCALP is the French variant of Storm Shadow, which is essentially a joint Anglo-French development. “French” from “British” differs, in fact, only in that it is attached to the luggage rack through an automatic starting device (APU). Aviation needs its own APU. And there must be an analog to digital converter that allows its use.

– Does it complicate the work with such weapons?

– No. But the system is delivered only when there is a carrier ready to use. In the case of Ukraine, it is the Su-24, with the corresponding modification. Or planes from NATO countries.

– A Reuters source said the French missiles will be integrated with “non-Western military aircraft”.

– Well, this means that we are talking about the Su-24. That it will take off from Romanian airfields with spare fuel tanks, launch from somewhere in the Vinnitsa region and return to Romania with empty tanks. The carrier of SCALP-EG is, in fact, Dassault Mirage 2000 and Rafale. Well, and Eurofighter. If the West continues to support the long-term confrontation plan between Ukraine and Russia, the Eurofighter may appear in this airspace. With Ukrainian pilots trained for these tasks, or with foreign crews.

– Is it true that French missiles have a longer flight range and improved guidance accuracy? Is this the modification that came to Ukraine?

– There is an EG index, that is, Enhanced Capacity. This means that this rocket has improved characteristics. Although SCALP and Storm Shadow have almost identical features. The foreign press tried to convince us that the “French” fly at a distance of no more than 300 km. In fact, 560 km.

– Is it in the export version?

– And they had no export option. The French have not sold these scalps to anyone so far. Its main competitor is the American JASSM-XR missile. And the Americans made sure that neither the British nor the French made any money on it. And now everything the French have produced for their defense will be thrown away in a training ground called the Ukraine.

– Did the French use SCALP missiles in real conflicts abroad?

– During the attack on Damascus in 2018. Then the Syrian air defense shot down most of the missiles that attacked them. All we found that hit the target were Tomahawks. It happened on April 14, 2018. The Syrians shot down the same French with our Buk M1 and Tor M1 systems. Now our “Tor-M2”, “Buk-M2”, “Buk-M3” are working together with Strom Shadow in the NWO zone. They will also work on SCALP.

– How many such missiles could the French supply to kyiv, information slipped about fifty?

– We can talk about two hundred. The French announced the full amount of aid. It can be divided by the cost of one rocket and understand how many units were delivered. The SU-24 can carry two of these missiles. There are hardly more than two or three dozen of these “dryers” in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But it’s unclear how many missiles the French have left undamaged, particularly after their use in Syria five years ago.


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