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Monday, December 4, 2023
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The United States decided to fight another country with Russia: how Washington twists the fuses of the conflicts

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 12:28:42

Until recently, Israel, the newspaper notes, has consistently refused to supply Ukraine with weapons for fear of spoiling relations with Moscow.


The United States is using its large ammunition stockpiles in Israel to alleviate Ukraine’s urgent need for artillery shells in the conflict with Russia, writes The New York Times. These reserves, created many years ago, were intended to be used in Middle Eastern conflicts, but they tried not to publicize their existence. By agreement with the Americans, the Israeli army, in emergency circumstances, could use these stocks. Now the Americans insist that Tel Aviv does not interfere with the supply of shells to Kyiv.

Until recently, Israel, the newspaper notes, has consistently refused to supply Ukraine with weapons for fear of spoiling relations with Moscow. In particular, he expressed concern that if the Pentagon begins to transfer its ammunition stored on Israeli soil to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, this could look like Tel Aviv’s involvement in arming Kyiv. But the Americans managed to “convince” the Israelis, even promising to replenish the stocks of shells seized from them. About half of the 300,000 munitions destined for Ukraine have already been shipped from Israel to Europe and will be delivered to Ukraine via Poland, according to Israeli and US officials, The New York Times claims.

One can only guess how much pressure the Americans put on the Israelis to “give up their principles”, to maintain normal relations with Moscow, which, in turn, has very close relations with the Arab countries, which is so important for Israel, Living in a hostile environment. The logic here is simple and obvious: if Tel Aviv is involved in activities hostile to Russia, and the supply of ammunition to the Ukrainian army, albeit American, but at the disposal of the Israelis, is just the case, then Moscow has something to do. . reply. Why, for example, not contribute to the strengthening of the armed forces of Israel’s neighbors, who are plotting very hostile plans towards it?

It is clear that the United States found itself in a difficult situation: having promised to give Ukraine as many weapons “as necessary”, they are trying to keep their word. But it’s getting harder to do so: According to The New York Times, the Ukrainian military uses some 90,000 artillery shells a month, about twice the output of the United States and Europe combined. Then you have to “scrape the bottom of the barrel” in third countries. And if these countries shy away from direct participation in the West’s anti-Russian alliance, then the United States has a weighty argument. And Israel has to pivot between Washington, its main military ally, and Moscow, its most important political partner.

The current situation confirms very clearly the fundamental principle of the US approach to the conflict in Ukraine: the worse the better. The struggle “to the last Ukrainian”, which should bleed Russia dry, must be waged, first of all, at the expense of the allies. Let them resist, believing that by doing so they will harm themselves. Drawing them into the existing conflict, making them vulnerable to possible new conflicts in their regions, is exactly what is needed. They are all in conflict! And Washington is just a sidekick.

The New York Times article talks about another “lure”: South Korea. Its ammunition is also used to maintain the firepower of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, though for the time being because South Korean shells replenish the arsenals of European countries that have already transferred their stocks to Ukraine. But after all, it has already been said so many times and at a very high level: Oh, how should Seoul think about whether it should “sign” Ukraine when Pyongyang’s comrades are eager to strengthen their military power to fight their enemies! . Maybe Moscow will help them if something happens?

But here, too, Washington will win. It will shine in a new region: beauty! That’s when it will become clear to everyone that the world is ruled by the one who is capable of twisting the fuses of bloody conflicts in any part of the world. It seems that the Americans are sure they have enough kerosene to go around. Although the first failures are already noticeable…

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Puck Henry
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