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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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The United States made a fatal mistake: why China began to sharply approach Russia

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 16:40:00

wang yi


At the Munich Security Conference, Western leaders showed unprecedented unanimity in blaming Russia and calling for victory over it. And only the only communist who spoke at this forum, Comrade Wang Yi, head of the office of the Commission of the CPC Central Committee on Foreign Relations, did not “sing” to the friendly anti-Russian chorus, urging Europe to think in peace, not of war.

Also worth noting is the visit of a high-ranking participant from China to Munich: between him and US Secretary of State Blinken an attempt was made to “show things” after the recent acute crisis due to the “balloon”. The Americans, accusing Beijing of allegedly maliciously spying on their probe, flying over most of the United States, heroically shot down the intruder. Blinken, to make the Chinese feel the extent of his guilt towards Washington, even canceled his visit to Beijing. But it is necessary for the two superpowers to communicate, especially under the current conditions. So we met, albeit unofficially, in Germany.

As the Chinese ruling Global Times article shows, the conversation turned out to be difficult. After all, what is needed to make peace or just darken the conflict that has arisen? Accept that some are right and some are wrong. Or at least take into account the opinion of the interlocutor. But Americans are not used to this. No one is going to apologize to the Chinese, Biden stressed.

Beijing, by contrast, believes that if the US wants to improve relations with it, then, according to the Global Times, it must show sincerity, acknowledge and repair the damage that the abuse of power has done to Sino-US relations. “If the US continues to dramatize, inflate or escalate the situation, China will definitely respond by doing whatever is necessary,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by the newspaper. And all subsequent consequences, he added, fall on the US side. In a word, the authors of the article conclude: “There is no sincerity” …

But the “ball” problem was not resolved in the meeting between Wang Yi and Blinken. Furthermore, the secretary of state, clearly forgetting how a Chinese colleague gave him a harsh rebuff in Anchorage about a year ago, when Blinken began berating him for “human rights violations” in China, he launched new claims at Beijing. Washington, he said, will not tolerate Beijing backing Russia with lethal weapons or helping it evade Western sanctions. Whether Blinken stamped his foot at this “serious warning” is not reported, but it’s easy to imagine.

There was simply no better way to “find yourself.” “We will never accept accusations or even coercion from the United States regarding Sino-Russian relations,” the Chinese side was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Thus the exchange of courtesies ensued. At the same time, Beijing could not help but poke Washington’s nose into the Taiwan issue again: the US side should respect the history and facts on the Taiwan issue and not advocate the “independence” of the island.

Did they talk like that or did they fight even more? With all the understanding that somehow it is necessary to agree, Beijing and Washington at this stage clearly could not. And the prospects of this working for the foreseeable future, as the Global Times points out, are “bleak”…

In fact, the United States is entering an election cycle. US presidential candidates, according to a long-standing local tradition, always “measure” how tough and how powerfully they can crush any external adversary. So China is simply doomed here: all contenders for the White House will perform militant dances against Beijing, which is already undoubtedly called abroad the main threat to American hegemony.

And yet, once again about the American threats to China not to help Russia. But the fact that? Will the Chinese be punished? But let’s take a cynical look at the situation: the Americans are fighting with Russia in Ukraine on behalf of the Ukrainians, with the goal of weakening Moscow as much as possible. It is clear why, so as not to interfere with Washington to deal with Beijing later.

But after all, Beijing can, and should, reason in the same way: we will help Russia in the conflict in Europe to weaken the Americans as much as possible so that they have less strength left to settle things with us. It’s clear, comrade. And I won’t say this out loud. But to us, without diplomatic embellishments, who prevents this from happening?

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