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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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The United States prepares a military fist in the east: will Japan hit Russia to “bite” the Kuriles?

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:05:45

The US president clearly feels like the real commander of the Japanese military when he demands that Tokyo increase US defense spending and arms purchases. Photo: Getty Images

The West, which declared to us, let’s consider, not a hybrid, but a real war after the start of the NMD in Ukraine, for some reason got into its head that “the Russian bear does not have much time left”, and began to divide his skin, speaking directly about the impending dismemberment of Russia. In this case, they even came up with the stupid term “refederalization”, which, in general, does not change the essence. Moscow is forced to throw considerable forces in the fight against these plans of the United States and its NATO vassals. And at this time, another threat quietly rises behind his back, already from the East. And this is not a “Chinese dragon” at all, as some national liberals are broadcasting. Japan suddenly began to remember its former imperial ambitions, defeated by us in 1945.


For Beijing, which is now fully focused on resolving the Taiwan issue, northward expansion is completely irrelevant. But over the past year, Tokyo has considerably intensified its rhetoric about the “return of the northern territories” (as Japan calls the four southern Russian Kuril Islands), knowing that Washington, London and Brussels will support it in every possible way. possible ways. . Of course, Japan will be careful not to attack the Russian Federation now. But if, God forbid, the fate of the USSR hangs over Russia, our Far East will become a tasty morsel for Tokyo. It is no coincidence that Japan, for the first time since its crushing defeat in World War II, last December adopted a new national security doctrine that allows it to conduct military operations with other states.

In the document, three countries are officially classified as the main opponents. First, China, which poses the “biggest strategic challenge,” then North Korea, which is now “an even greater threat than before,” and finally Russia, which is “security-worrying” because of the military operation in Ukraine. . And to counter all these “challenges, threats and concerns”, the Japanese authorities decided to take drastic measures. To strengthen the military potential by 2028, Tokyo has paid up to 320 billion dollars. In this way, Japan will become the third country in the world in terms of military spending after the US and China.

By the way, Japan’s relinquishment of the right to wage war is still enshrined in Article 9 of its constitution. But now the new doctrine explicitly states that Japan will be able to attack targets in the territory of a potential enemy. To do this, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, Tokyo intends to acquire US drones, as well as 500 Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 1,600 kilometers. In addition, the Japanese themselves are going to develop hypersonic missiles capable of flying from 2 to 3 thousand kilometers, and they will place them on the island of Hokkaido, near the maritime border with Russia. The radius of destruction of potential targets on our territory is huge. And if you remember that the Land of the Rising Sun, according to international estimates, has a subthreshold nuclear state, for which it is enough to cross one step, then it becomes alarming.


Ten years ago, under the government of Shinzo Abe, Tokyo talked about the importance of cooperation with the Russian Federation in all areas. Russia was called a “close partner.” Now the association with Moscow is no longer remembered. According to the Japanese Finance Ministry report from January this year, trade between the two countries fell by more than 60 percent. The Japanese have greatly reduced the supply of computers and cars to us and have almost stopped buying Russian oil and coal. True, for some reason they increased the demand for non-ferrous metal ores.

Having greatly increased military cooperation with the United States, the Japanese cannot help but understand that, if necessary, the “big brother” will force them to fight, whether it is with Russia, with China or with someone else, it is not so important. . But you have to obey. Moreover, Washington does not even hide its military preparations in this area. “We are setting up a theater of war in Japan, the Philippines and other places,” said 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force Commander James Bierman.

what are we going to answer

Photo: Dmitry POLUKHIN

At the end of last year, another amazing event took place indicating that Tokyo is ready to follow the instructions of the United States in everything. Japan was one of the 50 countries that voted in the UN General Assembly against the Russian resolution to combat the glorification of Nazism. “For the first time in the history of the UN, states that were members of the fascist bloc voted against a document that condemned Nazism, as well as confirming the inviolability of the results of the Second World War,” said Gennady Kuzmin, Permanent Representative Deputy of the Russian Federation to the UN, he was outraged.


Soon Japan is preparing to host the next G7 summit, where the anti-Russian context will be presented in all its splendor. No wonder it is planned to invite kyiv Hetman Zelensky there. At the forum, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida intends to promote new sanctions against the Russian Federation. The peace treaty with Moscow (it was never concluded after the end of the Second World War), which Tokyo talked about so many times before, is now preferred to remain silent. “The situation in Japan-Russia relations remains extremely difficult, and in the current situation, I do not see the conditions for discussing the prospects of concluding a peace treaty,” Kishida recently told a parliamentary debate.

Who would argue! And in Russia they perfectly understand to whom they owe such a development. “The policy followed by the current leadership

Japan makes it impossible to resume not only negotiations on a peace treaty, but also many other projects and agreements, – said Andrei Rudenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. – The government of Japan actually agreed with the US line of isolating Russia. It seems that Japan is ahead of the locomotive.


Military analyst Alexei LEONKOV:

The pumping of weapons is hara-kiri for the country

– Of course, the deepening of cooperation between the US and Japan in the military sphere is dangerous for Russia. The fact that Tokyo has territorial claims against the Russian Federation is a constant threat to the integrity of our country. Prime Minister Kishida follows a pro-American policy. And under the US plan, its allies in the region – Japan, South Korea and Taiwan – must die for US interests there. Inflating Japan with weapons and unleashing a conflict is hara-kiri to her. Our response may be to deepen military cooperation with China and North Korea. After all, in the event of an armed confrontation, the Japanese will fly not only from Russia, but also from China and North Korea, whose hands have long been eager to take revenge on Japan for shedding a lot of Chinese and Korean blood during World War II. World.

There is no point in appealing to the Japanese leadership, it is deliberately intensified. These warnings should be addressed to the Japanese people, so that they may consider whether they want the entire territory of Japan to become solid Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the efforts of their rulers.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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