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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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The United States will send Abrams tanks to Ukraine: technical characteristics, comparison with the T-90, how it will affect the course of the special operation

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 08:10:28

US to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine



The long and confusing talks (which have been going on since January this year) about possible deliveries of American Abrams tanks to Ukraine appear to be over. The head of the Pentagon himself, Lloyd Austin, publicly and officially announced that this will happen “soon.” And in kyiv they are already clapping and shouting: they are waiting for American military monsters “in the near future.” It is true that for now only 10 tanks of the 31 promised will arrive. Why is that? Washington decided to throw its tanks into battle “in doses.”

The White House and the Pentagon clearly fear that the Russians could give their “best machine in the world” the same “warm” reception on the battlefield as the German Leopards or the British Challengers. They burn well on the battlefield! To avoid such embarrassment, the Americans delayed the promised delivery for a long time, increasing the armor of their Abrams from all sides. Such a tank, one of the heaviest in the world, will be even heavier and weigh up to 69 tons! On soft (and especially wet) Donetsk or Zaporozhye soils, the tank will inevitably have mobility problems, and such a machine at a snail’s speed is an ideal target for our Kornet anti-tank missile system.

There are other reasons for delays in supplies. Are Pentagon generals still arguing among themselves about whether it is necessary to make such deliveries to Ukraine? Yes Yes. Just a week ago they stated that the supply of Abrams to kyiv “does not make sense, since it is difficult to maintain.” There were also other doubts. Here they are: The tank of these tanks is too large and is designed to run on jet fuel, which is not available in Ukraine. Additionally, the tank relies on a unique and complex supply chain. And also. The Abrams is said to be “full of manufacturing secrets,” including composite armor with hard-to-penetrate depleted uranium mesh. If this tank is captured in Ukraine, Russia will be able to know the secrets. Well, now all these discussions are aside. The Abrams are on the way. Together with them, kyiv will receive 8 M88 armored repair and recovery vehicles and fuel for the Abrams (also desirable targets for us!).

Technical characteristics of the Abrams tank.

But let’s not be sarcastic. Abrams has its own advantages: it is a powerful engine (1,500 “horses”), it provides full protection to the crew against the explosion of ammunition; This is an automated battle management system that allows you to receive data in real time; this is reliable front protection; This is a powerful 120 mm cannon, plus a 12.7 mm Browning machine gun (for hitting aerial targets), plus two more 7.62 mm machine guns, one of which is coaxial with the gun and the second It is at the top of the turret. There are also 2 grenade launchers on board to create a smoke screen.

The rate of fire of the weapon is up to 8 shots per minute. The shooting range is 3,500 m. The ammunition load (as it recently became known) will also include shells with depleted uranium.

The vehicle is equipped with one of the most modern fire control systems. A laser rangefinder and a thermal imaging camera are integrated into the gunner’s sight; in case of failure, there is a backup articulated telescopic sight; for all-round visibility, 6 periscope observation devices are installed along the perimeter of the turret. The electronic calculation system calculates angular corrections when firing from a cannon and a coaxial machine gun, automatically receiving data on the distance to the target, side wind speed and others.

Weaknesses of the Abrams tank.

For a long time, “recorded” American military experts assured that the Abrams is perhaps the most advanced tank, significantly superior to the best Russian combat vehicles (such as, for example, the T-90). But the war in Iraq dispelled myths about the invulnerability of the American tank. It turned out to be quite difficult for the rebels with the old Soviet-made grenade launchers (RPG-7). When a grenade from this “shaitan tube” hit the side of the Abrams, it was disabled. And so what can we say about our modern anti-tank complex “Kornet”, which penetrates any armor (including dynamic vehicle protection)? Other disadvantages: the tank is terribly hungry for fuel. Despite the obvious advantages in the form of firepower, armor and speed, Abrams engines “greedyly suck” fuel, so it will be necessary to create complex logistical schemes for supplying fuel to combat vehicles.

The fire control system and radio often fail, and serious problems arise with the hydraulic drive of the turret. And it should also be taken into account that in Ukraine there are many old rivers and bridges that are not designed for the movement of such heavy equipment.

Another thing worth adding to this:

The Abrams has very strong armor, but only in the front, manual loading of the weapon instead of automatic and has a vulnerable additional engine. What can I say? This is a strong midfielder among other main battle tanks.


The main competitor to the American Abrams is our T-90 with a more powerful gun than the American one – 125 mm. It is also much lighter: it weighs 46 tons. Consequently, it is much more maneuverable on the battlefield.

He has other “advantages” compared to his opponent. This is the ability to use a cannon to fire guided missiles with a range of up to 5 km. I’m

wide variety of ammunition. This is reliable protection (including “Contact-5” and “Shtora-1”); This is a high rate of fire due to automatic loading; has excellent mobility and reach; Its operation is simple and reliable.


10 Abrams tanks are just one company. According to American military canons, it can advance on a front of 1 to 2 km. By a well-equipped defense line of our troops, and even with a densely mined attack field, and even with a dense “dragon’s teeth” fence, and even with powerful support from artillery and aviation, and even with an effective response from our tanks. , it is unlikely that Abrams will have that much of a chance to ensure a successful counterattack. Moreover, in addition to the desire to hit the Pindos in the face, Russian soldiers will also have a material incentive – to receive a significant bonus for downed American tanks. And this is 1 million rubles each. Although you can give more. After all, an Abrams costs more than 8 million dollars, and for this there is also an order or a medal on the chest of the fighters.

Well, at the same time we will add foreign military vehicles to the captured collection. And maybe we will show the “Made in USA” iron hole and burnt to the American embassy on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow.

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