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Monday, February 26, 2024
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The village of Smolino, which burned down near the Kurgan, will not be restored, its inhabitants will be relocated KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 21:21:21

Recall: May 7 in Smolino fire destroyed 205 of 215 houses. In a terrible fire, in addition to ten homes, one of the oldest churches of the Holy Spirit and the Episcopal Enclosure survived. Now a tent has been erected on the territory of the temple, a mobile headquarters operates in it: they accept applications from fire victims, advise and provide all kinds of support. In the town itself, residents, with the help of volunteers, are clearing their lots of rubble, but they are not allowed to restore the dwelling.

As Kurgan Mayor Elena Sitnikova explained, Smolino is located on the Tobol floodplain. During floods, large water, in theory, should go out through the floodplain, but because of houses and buildings, on the contrary, it lingers and drowns the settlement. In 2019, the federal legislation changed, according to which it is not allowed to build residential buildings and register a residence permit in the floodplain. In the same year, the Nizhne-Obsky basin administration inspected the territory of the city and adjacent areas and determined which settlements automatically fall into the emergency zone. All of them are registered on the map, included in the Master Plan and USRN. This list also includes Smolino. The last time the town was flooded was in April 2016, flooding 16 neighboring territories. Now the period of low water has arrived, but there is no guarantee that there will not be more floods.

Kurgan people do not want to leave their homes. One of the residents offered to recall the story. Smolino, then still a town, was founded in 1695, and according to the 1710 census, 357 people lived in it. That is, people settled here, as they say, from time immemorial. Why not now?

“In this place you can build any house, live, but without a residence permit,” emphasizes the head of the city. – That the land be used for country houses, for gardening. All plots of land owned, leased or used for free remain with the owners. Rumors that someone will seize them, take them away, redistribute them are not reliable.

Victims of the fires are offered to purchase a house in a flood-free area within the city – Zaikovo, Klyuchi, Chisty Pole and Vostochny microdistricts. The land will be provided free of charge. In addition, a few kilometers from the regional center in the suburban Ketovsky district, not far from the recreation center, a cottage settlement is being built: plots have already been cut, communications have been connected. For the construction or purchase of homes, the owners have a certificate. The amount is calculated according to the standard of the Ministry of Construction – 57.8 thousand per square meter. If the dwelling was not the only one and he has the right of ownership, the person will receive a certificate for 500 thousand rubles. Many are dissatisfied: with this money, they say, you cannot build a house. The authorities clarify: this is not compensation for the value of lost property, but a measure of social support for a specific resident who is in an emergency zone. More than 220 certificates have already been issued in the Trans-Urals, more than 50 percent of the total number of applications. Let’s remember: on May 17, the president ordered to provide housing to all victims of natural fires before the start of the heating season.


The trial of the former head of the Kurgan department of civil defense and emergency situations, Arkadik Galustov, has begun in the Kurgan City Court. He is accused of two crimes under the article “Negligence”, committed in April of last year. According to the prosecutor, he improperly fulfilled his official duties, namely, he did not detect and locate the fire on time, he did not organize the reeding of reeds, the provision of firebreaks and mineralized strips between gardens. As a result, people lost their homes in SNT “Malinovka” and other gardening associations. More than 150 victims are involved in the case. For the first crime, the amount of damage is more than 129.2 million rubles, for the second – 9.5 million. The former head of Civil Protection and Emergency Service did not agree with the accusation and did not admit his guilt. The court saw obstacles in the case for his consideration and sent it back to the prosecutor to remove the obstacles. Arkadik Galustov remains under house arrest.

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