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Monday, February 26, 2024
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The volume of the crowdfunding market increased by 1.5 times – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:46:27

In total, 64 organizations are included in the register of operators of investment platforms of the Bank of Russia, and 18 of them were registered in the register in 2022. “In 2022, the crowd technology market as a whole grew by more than 50%. This year, we expect the same growth rates to continue,” says Kirill Kosminsky, CEO of the Association of Trading Platform Operators.

The Russian crowdfunding market is one of the promising investment areas that will develop in our country and the world along with the development of the digital economy, as evidenced by data from the Bank of Russia, says Daniil Gonenko, Ph.D. RANEPA. Investors can expect a return of 10 to 30%.

However, now the potential of the Russian crowdfunding market is used by about a third due to ignorance and misunderstanding of this investment instrument by many investors, says Daniil Gonenko. “It is worth noting that today the most active borrowers are small businesses that are SMEs. They account for about 70% of the total amount of funds raised,” says Daniil Gonenko.

The number of SMEs using crowdfunding to raise funds will only increase, especially among tech startups, according to Mikhail Gordeev, a professor at the Department of Science and Innovation Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University.

“For traditional investors, these are often too risky borrowers, and the general public is more willing to believe in these types of projects by providing them with financing,” he says. Also on crowd investment platforms we should expect an increase in the activity of large companies and corporations, predicts Daniil Gonenko.

But all is not rosy in the crowded technology market. Of the investment platforms included in the registry, 28 did not operate in 2022. The Central Bank explains that these platforms are developing or have reduced their activities due to the unstable geopolitical and economic situation. At the same time, the number of investors registered on the working group platforms increased by 73% in 2022 to 54.6 thousand people.

Also, not all known crowd technologies are currently involved in the Russian market, says Mikhail Gordeev. Of the four crowdfunding models, the Russian law on investment platforms (No. 259-FZ of August 2, 2019) covers only two: crowdlending and crowdinvesting, which provide for investments and loans.

The other two models are more modest in financial terms. These include the subsidized model and the model based on non-financial rewards. These models are not subject to the regulation of the Central Bank, but are presented in Russian practice. In the world, these models are the most massive and are even considered crowdfunding classics.

According to the Central Bank, on average, each participant invested a little less than 2 thousand rubles in crowdfunding projects and ideas. Now, on Russian collective platforms, the average check is 1,500-1,700 rubles, according to a study by the Association of Investment Platform Operators and Planeta.ru. And a third of investors consider the amount up to 1000 rubles to be the optimal reward price.

Also, in exchange for investments, the participant can receive a finished product, the creation of which is collected, as well as various invitations, mentions in the credits, sponsorship. The largest individual contribution to a collective project in Russia amounted to 5 million rubles: a company bought a product placement in a film created with the help of public funds.

The most interesting lots for the audience are the future products of collective projects: books, music albums, games, etc. “Our platform started as a pre-order service for musicians,” says Fedor Murachkovsky, founder and co-founder of Planeta. Crowdfunding platform .ru. In 2022, fans of the Alisa group collected the largest crowdfunding fundraiser in Russian practice on the Planet platform in the amount of 31.4 million rubles on the pre-order of the music album Dudka.

“It quickly became clear that the invented scheme is also suitable for authors of other categories. At the beginning of music projects, it was almost 80%, and now music and public initiatives have 18% each. This does not mean that there is less music and other categories are actively developing public funding, “Murachkovsky notes.

Ivan Khafizov, the author of the Platbands project, raised a total of 17 million rubles on the Planet platform. for the realization of his projects, among which are books, calendars, t-shirts and prefabricated models of architraves. The best way to raise money is for pre-order projects, when participants receive a specific product, he says.

True, in this case, too, it is not worth counting on the fact that the required amount will be collected by itself. To do this, you need to work with social networks, actively promote your ideas and expand the audience, which will then invest in a project on the platform.

Businesswoman Maria Grekova collected about 5 million rubles. for the development of inclusive workshops “Simple things”. With the help of crowdfunding, eight successful projects were launched. The Simple Things team used their crowdfunding experience when applying to the Presidential Grant Fund and in 2021 received a 26 million ruble grant to scale up inclusive workshops.

Most of the authors of collective projects advertise fees in the range of 100-300 thousand rubles, they make up 34% of all projects, another 23% place projects with a collection amount of 50-100 thousand rubles. Expensive projects – more than 1 million rubles. represent only 6%.

At the same time, almost half (45%) of the project authors reported that crowdsourced technologies helped them significantly expand their audience, 29.2% found new partners thanks to this, and 16.8% received additional funding in form of investments and subsidies.

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