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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The West does not understand how to end the conflict in Ukraine: victory is impossible, peace is not necessary

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 00:01:57

Peace plans revived in the West



While the Americans are backing the Ukrainians and Europeans with unholy lies about the supposed moral decline and confusion of the Russian group involved in the NWO, little by little Europe is beginning to be thought of.

– We can no longer pay for Ukraine’s military failures – said German Finance Minister Christian Linder.

And the Minister of Defense of Italy, Guido Crosetto, admitted that it was not possible to take a military decision, but a political one on Ukraine.

– The current situation has reached a dead end, which makes us think in long, if not very long periods (of the end of the conflict). The Ukrainian offensive, as some of us guessed, faced a number of difficulties. Russian trenches make offensive operations difficult. Therefore, there may be a political option that determines the end of the conflict,-Guido explained his position and lamented the lack of respect for moral principles in Europe. – Public opinion shows more and more intolerance towards the conflict and less and less solidarity towards the victims.

True, he was not at all embarrassed, he also noted that the US government could change after the presidential election, and the views of the new government in the White House on the conflict will probably differ from the current position. administration. Thus, in fact, he himself immediately repudiated all considerations of a moral nature, on which he was crucifying.

Peace plans have been revived in the West. True, with one significant clarification. They are considering only one option: the unrealizable 10-point “Zelensky peace plan”, where everything is mixed up, and the withdrawal of Russian troops to the 1991 borders, and reparations to Ukraine from Russia, and a bunch of other nonsense . And a few days later in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the US, the EU and kyiv are bringing together representatives of more than 30 states to make another attempt to impose the “Zelensky peace formula” on these countries.


This is already the third or fourth attempt by the United States and Kiev to somehow revive the “Zelensky plan”, which is just as dead as another initiative of the current Ukrainian president – the “Crimean Platform”. Since last year, everyone has completely forgotten about the latter, even in kyiv. The “Zelensky peace plan” is still being licked with tongues from all sides, although it was clear to any normal person from the very beginning that “what kind of mouth” should have been spit out as soon as it appeared there.

The first attempt to reclassify the “plans” for the production of Zelensky in “jam” was made at the G7 summit, but there it was Brazil and India to refuse to support the “peace formula”, and the United States, together with the President of Ukraine, had to close the event, sipping without salt, in any case, on this issue.

The second puncture occurred at the meeting of responsible officials from the “global West” with representatives of the countries of the “global South” held on June 24-25 in Copenhagen. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, along with European Commission Head Ursula von der Leyen, who was attached to help, were going to push informally the “Zelensky plan” for representatives of China, India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and several other countries. The Chinese did not come at all, and other countries were not optimistic either. It was unknown if Nuland and Sullivan were together with the former gynecologist, because the meeting was secret. And at the EU-Latin America summit, Zelensky was not allowed to speak to the participants at all. There, in the final declaration of the summit, there was not even a “condemnation of the war”, and the Russian Federation was not mentioned at all in the text.

Recalling the anecdote about the Chukchi and the deer jumping from the cliff, “however, it is a trend.”


This time the Americans took over. Jake Sullivan himself recently visited Saudi Arabia and following his departure from the kingdom, a summit was announced for August 5-6 in Jeddah. The Saudis went to Washington’s wishes, because it costs them nothing, and relations with the United States, which have deteriorated after the Saudis neglected Biden on the issue of oil production, can be corrected by such negotiations in his territory. . There will be no progress or attempts to implement the “Zelensky plan” after the results of the summit. The negotiations will be represented by nothing more than advisers to the leaders of the states, who have no decision-making powers. China will again not participate in the meeting, and Russia defiantly was not invited there. In all press releases, this cabal is referred to as “a summit Russia was not invited to.”

It is completely illogical to carry out some kind of conflict resolution activity, ignoring one of the conflicting parties, not listening to his arguments and not getting acquainted with his proposals. Without Russia’s involvement, all these summits are nothing more than a clique between “ladies who are just nice” and “ladies who are nice in all respects” over tea with scones and something to rub against each other. But the fact is that the real organizers of the summit are not interested in the world. The West, of course, worries that it will not be able to increase the number of kyiv’s allies. Furthermore, many of the countries that previously expressed support for the Zelensky regime are beginning to slowly creep to the side, pretending to be ragged and trying not to shine in the daylight.

As a Ukrainian TG channel wrote, “as a result, the negotiations should allow a full summit to be held by the end of the year, fixing the ‘Zelensky formula’ as the only possible option for peace. In short, the current configuration of “The West and Ukraine against the Russian Federation” should be changed to “peace against the Russian Federation”.

A full-fledged summit is the same “peace summit” that Zelensky previously announced and promised to hold last July of this year. But even this he could not do it. The Americans again had to save Zelensky, pulling their own promises and projects out of the swamp. But after all, maybe they get tired of holding up their pants with American strips. In addition, after the antics of the Ukrainian president, the attitude of the leaders of many countries, for example, Brazil, can hardly be called good.

And Africa and China have their own “peace plans” for Ukraine, which have nothing to do with Zelensky’s projects. But the West, not to mention Zelensky, has no intention of considering his proposals. From the word “absolutely”. Once again, since the world is completely unnecessary.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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