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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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The West has approved a plan to destroy Russia: the masks have been torn off, Europe has surrendered to the American bankers

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 05:19:06

Political scientist Podberezkin said that the Western strategy to destroy Russia was confirmed at the Munich Conference


Another Munich Security Conference has come to an end. As last year, an official delegation from our country was not invited. 80 percent of all speakers (and they mostly represented Western states) agreed that today’s Russia must end one way or another. The sensitive voices of the Chinese representative and some other participants sounded in dissonance. Everyone else spoke as if they agreed to a single manual. There was no talk of a serious discussion, political slogans flew into the hall from the rostrum in relation to the Russian Federation, for the most part, primitive and vicious. The degradation of the once influential international forum is evident. Especially if you remember 2007 and Vladimir Putin’s speech at that conference.

“Such meetings could be called some kind of attempt to analyze the situation by representatives of the major powers, albeit from different angles,” Alexei Podberezkin, director of the Military-Political Research Center, MGIMO professor, said on air from Komsomolskaya. Pravda Radio. – In this regard, Putin spoke quite carefully in 2007, he simply asked the West one key question: why are they destroying the security system, why are they not fulfilling the concluded agreements? But this legitimate bewilderment was perceived by the then Western partners quite cynically: they say, what can you do, how can you interfere with us? As a result, with this approach, they reached the current dangerous crisis.

Yesterday’s event is just a gathering of some people united by their hatred of Russian politics. How else could Mikhail Khodorkovsky get in there as a special guest? They unequivocally demanded a collective condemnation of Moscow’s actions, a trial of Russia and its political leadership. You can’t think of a dumber idea than trying to damn a nuclear power in some cabal.

At the same time, any military-political coalition requires constant demonstrations of unity and common leadership, confirmation of strategic goals. In this event, the Western strategy was confirmed, aimed at dismembering our country, destroying it as a single powerful state.

They believe that the war will probably develop according to their scenario, but will not go to the stage of an exchange of nuclear attacks. Like, we will bite off a piece, and Moscow will not stand it. In this sense, it is very naive of you to expect that Russia will lose, capitulate, self-destruct, but do not dare to use all means to protect yourself. The problem is, that’s exactly what they think.

But here Joseppe Borrell said that the EU will hold an emergency meeting on March 6 and 7 to send all the ammunition to kyiv. And this means that ammunition runs out not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also in European countries. The bottom of the barrel will have to be scraped, placed in the barns, and all that is left of it will be removed. I have said more than once that there will be a breakdown in March. I really do not understand how Ukraine will continue to conduct hostilities and who will go to battle. In fact, the remnants of the reserves are now being crushed near Bakhmut and in other directions. You can throw everything into this firebox, but even this is a maximum until the end of next month.

– At the completed Munich Conference, all the masks were finally released. Europe believed that under the leadership of the American master, it would be able to overthrow, even divide Russia and use its resources for free in the coming decades, ”said Kirill Koktysh, a professor at the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO. the situation of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda. – The problem is that now Europe is dominated by absolutely incompetent people, not only in politics. The latest masterpiece by German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock on “the need for a 360-degree turn in Putin’s policy” is simply brilliant. The incompetent make incompetent decisions, even in the military field, and this is very dangerous.

The only hope is that whoever planted them has real power in their hands. In this case, it is the United States, its deep shadow state. The real owners are the American banking class. And a system that was based on the ability to control national currencies, handle the task of meanings, who needs to pour money, and who does not need it, take it away. However, this system is starting to break down. It has come to its logical end. India and China are almost out of it.

Russia is returning to its own codes, where justice, honesty, decency make sense. We are finally beginning to formulate the foundations of our own being. There is no other way out.


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