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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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The West is drawn into the conflict when Kyiv loses: why the United States and NATO countries decided to “throw” tanks for Ukraine

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:39:46

The countries of the USA and NATO decided to “throw” tanks for Ukraine


Western experts and on the pages of the Western media continue to be hysterical about the “growing loss” of Russia in the course of hostilities on the territory of the former Ukraine. But among the general chorus of hysterics, the voices of a sober mind are increasingly being heard, including from Kyiv. Here, for example, the Kyiv political scientist Vadim Karasev, who became famous after speaking and participating in political talk shows on Russian federal TV channels, surprisingly sensibly explained why the United States and NATO countries they decided to “sink” in tanks for Ukraine.

– They see that the situation is difficult at the front and that Russia cannot be stopped only with defensive weapons. We surrendered Soledar, they forced us to surrender. Now Ugledar, comes Bakhmut. Therefore, the United States has a task, but what can it allow Russia to attack? A difficult decision for them. And for the Germans, look, with far-reaching consequences “Leopards”. This opens up for Germany, let’s say, a new military-political positioning, – Karasev explained what is happening on the air of the Politeka Internet channel. – They didn’t go because they have a plan of some kind. Unfortunately, they don’t have a plan, they react to what Russia is doing. The Americans and the Germans have no plan. He talks about preventing Russia from winning on the battlefield in Ukraine or, as Scholz said in Davos: “We must defeat Russia’s aggression on the territory of Ukraine.” It’s not a plan, it’s an answer.

In an absolutely miraculous way, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who honestly answered the questions of his fellow journalists, turned out to be practically in solidarity with the Ukrainian political scientist in his conclusions.

– The reality is that the West is at war with Russia and every day it goes further in this. Too many Westerners delude themselves about what is really happening and what could happen. The West may think it is not at war with Russia, but by sending more and more weapons and moving closer to actual military intervention, Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves, Russia and the Western public, the prime minister said. while watching what happens in the land of Independence and emphasized the very special role of his country. -From the beginning, Hungary insisted on peace and refused to send weapons to Kyiv, since she does not want to participate in the conflict of any of the parties. If you send weapons, if you finance the annual budget of one of the fighting parties, if you promise more and more weapons, more and more modern weapons, then you can say what you want. No matter what you say, you are in conflict.

And what’s next?

– The West has big, big problems. If Russia’s upcoming spring offensive is successful, then NATO countries will be faced with the question: should we send soldiers to fight for Ukraine? This is not what the American people think, but it is on the minds of a growing number of Europeans whose countries will be devastated if the conflict spreads, – Orban issued his forecast and recalled that Germany is already fast on the path of escalating the participation of own and European countries. – The Germans said that they wanted to send helmets because they would not send lethal weapons to the battlefield, because this would mean their participation. It all started with this. Now we have already approached the supply of battle tanks. And they are already talking about the supply of combat aircraft.

But in fact, if you remember, Germany was initially quite clear on the positions of sending Ukraine only non-lethal aid: protective helmets, bulletproof vests, medical supplies. Even from proposals to give small arms or the same mortars, the Germans shunned like the plague. Now it’s about the leopards. And it was the policy of the West that led to the fact that, as Orban said, “Ukraine has now become like Afghanistan – no man’s land.”

You can argue with Viktor Orban about “no man’s land”, but Afghans may be offended by comparing today’s Ukraine to Afghanistan.


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YouGov, a think tank close to the British government, published a poll “What do you think about the fact that the UK could supply fighter jets to Ukraine?” Such a poll of public opinion. And, judging by the responses, most of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion do not see anything wrong with these deliveries: a quarter of the population does not care at all, 50 percent support the transfer of planes to Kyiv or not. cares (continued)

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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