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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The West understood the futility of fighting Lukashenka by “peaceful” means

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:03:23

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.



Former Belarusian police lieutenant colonel Alexander Azarov, who calls himself the leader of the BYPOL organization, recently said in an interview with the Polish edition of Rzeczpospolita that in Poland he and his comrades formed about ten “national militia banners”, whose members undergo regular military training.

– We have formed our banners in all major Polish cities, there are already about ten of them. They unite Belarusians who want to gain military experience in order to liberate Belarus in the future, – said Azarov, who boasted that there were up to 200 thousand “partisans” on the territory of Belarus, which, as part of the “Peramoga ” plan, organize sabotage against Russian troops entering the joint grouping of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. It is clear that all this is a lie of the purest water, but this is the lie that the owners of the Belarusian opposition, in exile, want to hear. And this is the lie that the West wants to consider the truth. Because they have, as they say, “the concept has changed”…


At the end of January, celebrations were held in Warsaw on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising of the Poles in the Russian Empire. The presidents of Poland and Lithuania and … Svetlana Tikhanovskaya took part in them, together with a group of Belarusian opponents-Zmagars. And this is also not at all an accident, although the Belarusians practically did not take part in such an uprising, despite the fact that the Poles tried by all means to rouse them for the fight.

Poland changed its strategy towards fugitive Belarusian opponents, having decided that the European Union should more actively promote the “Belarusian problem” on international platforms, and Tikhanovskaya’s “Joint Transitional Cabinet” (OPK) is faced with the task of seeking international recognition, first of all, from outside the EU, presence in the structures of the OSCE, the European Parliament and the UN. In accordance with this new strategy, it is planned to create a network of “people’s embassies” and train senior staff so that at the beginning of the “riots” and “people’s uprising” they will be recognized as competent to represent the “Belarusian people” . and the “Belarusian State”.

Police billboards in Minsk, September 2020.



In Poland and other Western countries, they cannot help but understand that the internal opposition in Belarus has seriously weakened as a result of the actions of the security forces, its most inadequate part is not only supported from abroad (as, indeed, the entire opposition in Belarus), but also physically outside the country, and all hopes for non-systemic opposition actions to come to power peacefully have been dispelled and in the past. The hopes of the next amnesty, under which many “civil society” and “democratic opposition” activists were expected to fall, also did not come true. On the contrary, several trials were held against the instigators of the riots.

The president of the unregistered Viasna human rights center, Ales Bialiatski, whose movement won the Nobel Peace Prize, was recently sentenced by a court to 10 years in prison. And his comrades in the “struggle for democracy” – the editor-in-chief and general director of the TUT.BY portal Marina Zolotova and Lyudmila Chekina are now literally giving testimony during the trial, which began on January 9. And obviously they shouldn’t count on an acquittal.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.



That is why the plans for the forced seizure of power in Belarus come to the fore in the same Poland. And here it depends only on the degree of adventurism of the leadership of Poland whether a new “bonfire” will burn in Europe. So far, it can be said that Warsaw is trying by all means to promote the “Belarusianization” of the country following the example of Ukraine, with the maximum severance of ties with Russia, mainly by encouraging nationalists at the Belarusian State University. , the National Academy of Sciences and other places of “nesting” of local intelligentsia, which prevents the development of contacts with Russia. According to the idea of ​​​​those who are planning various scenarios, it should enthusiastically welcome the new government and support it in every possible way in the eyes of the “world community”.

Where will the “new power” come from? Several options are possible here, but as very informed sources say, a simultaneous attempt to capture the border villages of Belarus by the forces of these same “banners” dug out in Poland, and the “Kalinovsky regiment” fighting in Ukraine, did. The formation of real “zmagars” who escaped from the republic, and other military units, in which the majority (or at least a significant part) are citizens of Belarus, is not ruled out. 200 thousand “partisans” are crap, but these structures will be able to recruit several hundred people. And after the simultaneous capture of even several towns, they can also request military assistance on behalf of the “rebel people”. And here, if not the regular army, then Polish volunteers may well come to the rescue in the battle for the return of Western Belarus to Poland, which the new “democratic” government will certainly issue as a token of gratitude.

The authors of this and other developments believe that they will be able to cope with the army of Belarus, and Russia, engaged on the front with Ukraine, will not be able to provide effective assistance to its ally.


There are only two obstacles to start the implementation of the above plan. The first is the traditional disunity of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition itself and their constant bickering among themselves for the right to become “king of the hill.” Despite the fact that Tikhanovskaya is considered the most legitimate among them (as far as possible), other competitors do not even put her on a penny. The former presidential candidate of the Republic of Belarus, Poznyak, never tires of repeating that “Tikhanovskaya will be in prison”, Tsepkalo and her company accuse Svetlana of “usurping power” with the help of the West and of not seeking dialogue. And the “Kalinovsky regiment” is sure that they, being the most powerful “political force”, must lead all processes. And secondly, there are still people in the highest echelons of power in Poland who have not lost common sense, who understand what catastrophic consequences an attempt to implement such a scenario will cause for Warsaw. But won’t they lose their positions in favor of those who are gaining more and more strength at the behest of the eternal Polish ally in all sorts of dark deeds and bloody stories, one might even say, the inspirer of radicals? In front of the British intelligence services.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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