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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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The winners of the series “Pilot”: a ten-year-old detective from “Daddy’s Daughters”, Alexey Guskov with an ax and the star of “A Boy’s Word” in the form of an autistic.

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:20:46

The special jury award with the legend “Best First Feature” went to the series “Adults.”

The special jury prize with the legend “Best First Feature” went to the series “Adults”, directed by 28-year-old Ekaterina Todorovskaya (daughter of Valery Todorovsky, who, by a charming coincidence, is the president of “Pilot”) . This is a “girly” series about three friends who spend long hours talking about life and men. Una (Maria Matzel) suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder: when leaving the house, she checks a thousand times if the gas stove is off, and although her mind screams at her that everything has been off for a long time, she is forced to painfully re-examine the oven and burners over and over again. The girl does not yet have the most serious possible manifestations of OCD, but it is enough to completely ruin her personal life: at 25 she is still a virgin. Another heroine of “Grown Ups” (Stasya Miloslavskaya) is by no means a virgin, but she has spent her entire short life with a young man whom she is now going to marry (judging by her comments, she is first of all admired by the fact that her boyfriend never smells, well, advice and love). The third (Anastasia Talyzina) is a frivolous anemone compared to her friends. The charm of three very different and very glorious actresses is the main advantage of “Grown Ups”, which the “peasant” jury, consisting of brutal directors Klim Shipenko, Pyotr Buslov, Vladimir Kott and Yuri Bykov, could not help but award.

As expected, Lev Zulkarnaev was named best actor for the series “She’s So Cool.” He plays a twenty-year-old boy with atypical autism who falls in love with a porn actress and dreams of reaching her from Yekaterinburg to St. Petersburg with the help of an older, healthy friend of hers. Such roles are, in principle, a gift for an actor, and Zulkarnaev almost perfectly creates the image of an internally fragile, defenseless and charming person, who has nothing to do with the stupid gopnik from “The Boy’s Word” (he was for this role that the whole country recognized Lev six months ago).

Lev Zulkarnaev was named best actor for the series “She’s So Cool.”

The best actress (and this was also expected) was Svetlana Ivanova from the series “The Russian”, a remake of Peter Weir’s old thriller “The Witness” with Harrison Ford. Now the action has moved to Argentina, and Ivanova plays a young widow from the Old Believers sect, a woman of the strictest rules and moral principles. One day she goes to Uruguay to visit some of her relatives. Montevideo, in Buenos Aires, is almost around the corner (it takes two and a half hours by ferry), but apparently it is not the widow’s destiny to make this short trip: in the Argentine capital, her young son accidentally becomes in He is the only witness to a brutal murder and finds himself at the center of the investigation. It is run by a Russian immigrant with a brain tumor and unexpectedly manifested prophetic abilities (Semyon Serzin), who got a job in the local police force. It is difficult to doubt that in the future a doomed feeling will arise between the heroes of Ivanova and Serzin.

The best director was Timur Alpatov, director of another remake (now official). More precisely, this is not even a remake, but a new film adaptation of the novel “Confrontation” by Yulian Semenov about a Soviet investigator who leads a brutal murder case and tracks down a Nazi henchman who has pretended to be a peaceful citizen for many years. . This is a Konstantin Ernst project, it should premiere on Channel One in the new season. Of course, what most people will remember from the word “Confrontation” is not Semenov’s half-forgotten book, but its first film adaptation, made by Semyon Aranovich back in the 80s. The investigator was played by Oleg Basilashvili and the criminal by Andrei Boltnev, but the main star was the painfully alarming, almost unbearable music of Alexander Knaifel, which brought Soviet schoolchildren to the brink of the abyss (three of my colleagues in the “Pilot” confided to me that in childhood they had mortally afraid of even going near the television when this darker series was playing). In the new version, the music will not scare even a baby, the color palette is cheerful (sun, greenery, sky – how beautiful the 80s were!), but this is fully compensated by the abundance of dismemberments in the framing: the criminal A, now played by Alexey Guskov, loves to pedantically cut his victims into pieces, and the investigator (Vladimir Vdovichenkov) is forced to look at everything closely and almost smell it.

The award for the best acting ensemble (Victoria Isakova, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Nikita Kologrivy, Mark Eidelstein and many others) went to Nikolai Khomeriki’s magnificent series “The Pure” about the insidious courtesans of St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 20th century. Best Screenplay Award: Emil Nikoghosyan, who directed the comedy series “ZhYYYZN” for TNT about the Stone Age and the difficult fate of the troglodyte tribe led by Mikhail Galustyan.

Nikita Kologrivy in the series “Clean”.

Well, the best series of “Pilot” – and this is the main surprise of the closing ceremony – was “Curious Varvara”, a comedy project to watch with the family about a ten-year-old girl obsessed with forensic science, dreams . to become a great detective like her grandfather, and she finds reasons for investigation in the most unexpected places. She is played by Polina Ainutdinova, the star of the new “Daddy’s Daughters.” This innocent children’s series, which reminded many critics of Wes Anderson’s films for its color scheme and intonation, stood out from the series of projects shown in “Pilot.” But this probably caught the attention of the jury, who decided to support the Year of the Family in Russia in such an unexpected way.

* * *

“Pilot” actually lasts two and a half days, and its creators fill this short period with an absurdly intense schedule: in the evening you have to watch seven hours of finished series of the competition program, and in the morning go to the presentations. of dozens that have not yet been filmed. Of them, the greatest seems to be “The Last Hero.” Legacy”, directed by Anton Maslov (START), filmed, of course, based on the successful film trilogy about the “last hero”. Maslov calculated that post-production alone (that is, mainly the creation of computer special effects) would require 350,000 hours, and if a person devoted himself to graphics, it would take him 80 years to complete the work (Fortunately, many dozens of artists are now playing with hand-drawn characters and miracles.)

The heroines will be Ivan’s 50-year-old daughters, the heroine Marya and the sorceress Sofia (Arina Rozhkova and Evelina Mazurina). Of course, both girls will have to actively fight evil, and Marya will do so in the fabulous Belogorye, and Sophia will go back in time, to modern Moscow, where she will meet a young version of her father. He is still played by Viktor Khorinyak. The stars of the film “The Last Heroes” Elena Yakovleva (Baba Yaga) and Garik Kharlamov (Kolobok) will return to the series, but the team will be further strengthened by a whole host of stars: for example, Yulia Peresild will play the The young Baba Yaga and the omnipresent Nikita Kologrivy will play two brothers at once – gypsies who most actively participate in fabulous adventures. Kirill Zaitsev, Vladislav Vetrov, Alexandra Ursulyak, Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexander Ustyugov, Oleg Chugunov, Tatyana Dogileva and Alexander Lykov will also appear in the series. If some viewers feel that eight episodes of “Legacy” are not enough, keep in mind: the feature film “Finist” is scheduled for release in theaters on January 1, 2026. The first hero”, dedicated to the spiritual formation of Baba Yaga (Peresild) and Finist – the Clear Falcon (Zaitsev).

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