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Friday, April 12, 2024
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The working group on NWO issues has developed a unified standard for regional support measures for participants in the special operation and their families.

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 17:28:14

A unified standard for regional support measures for participants in the special operation and their families was developed on the basis of support measures that work successfully in the regions. An analysis of its implementation in the regions will be included in the monthly reports of the working group to the president, said Andrey Turchak, head of the group, secretary of the General Council of United Russia, at an off-site meeting at the Regional Directorate. Center in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region.


Each measure on the proposed list is reviewed with a federal government focal point. The members of the working group evaluated the relevance, scope and possibility of implementing the standard in all regions of the country.

“Many of the support measures in the single standard will not require additional funding. For example, the priority enrollment of children of SVO participants in sections and circles, after-school groups in schools and kindergartens, the preservation of benefits for a large family and the status of a large family in the event of the death of one of the children”, explained the head of the group.

Several measures will require funding, but they have proven their relevance and have already been introduced in many regions.

“Our standard includes preferential meals for children of participants in a special military operation who are studying in grades 5-11 in schools or vocational schools. This measure is being implemented today in more than 50 regions. Compensation for housing and communal services, exemption from kindergarten fees, transport tax benefits and vouchers for children’s health camps are also in demand, ”said the head of the group.


In particular, in the regions of the central federal district, a social and medical sponsorship program is implemented for the families of the mobilized. Its participants receive round-the-clock support: in the Lipetsk region, this practice helps to solve 98% of problems with the help of social curators. And only 2% are brought to the level of regional leadership.

In the Ryazan region, there is a program for the rehabilitation of NWO participants together with their families. Comprehensive social support has been organized in Nizhny Novgorod and a military social contract is being applied, according to which support will continue after the end of the special operation.

In the Arkhangelsk region, on the basis of the governor’s center “Together we are stronger”, there is a support headquarters and a charitable foundation, which helps to solve a number of specific problems. In Primorye, support measures have been developed not only for the families of the participants in the special operation, but also for their parents.

The working group also proposes to expand the experience of various regions in introducing a social passport for a participant in a special operation.

“It includes a social contract, information on the need for treatment, the availability of financial obligations, information on living conditions, an individual support plan for federal support measures and regional standard support measures. The standard form of such a passport was developed by our working group. It will make it possible to keep up-to-date information on the needs of the family, follow up on feedback and promptly make decisions on all emerging requests,” said Andriy Turchak.


The control over the implementation of the social passport in the regions and the implementation of the support measures proposed in the single standard, the working group on SVO issues will be carried out jointly by the Government coordinating center, as well as the coordinators of the group. in the regions.

In turn, the head of the state fund “Defenders of the Fatherland” Anna Tsivileva supported the initiative of the working group on SVO on a single standard of regional measures to support the participants in the special operation. Taking part in the meeting, she pointed out that it must be equally fair to all fighters and their families.

Anna Tsivileva recalled that the fund is dedicated to helping the demobilized and their families. And the main task is to support them in solving the widest possible range of problems.

“This is, first of all, an addition to the state support measures that already exist. Medical and social rehabilitation, provision of medicines, psychological assistance, provision of technical means of rehabilitation, sanatorium treatment, assistance in recycling and employment, as well as assistance in solving everyday problems. We must not forget about involving these guys in patriotic education, participation in an active life, ”he said.

Anna Tsivileva emphasized that regional support measures are now very different.

“We can have such a situation when the guys are sitting in the same trench, but they receive completely different money. Same with demobilization. The guys who lost their legs, arms, health came and will receive completely different levels of support on each issue: social and financial. We need a single standard that is clear and fair for them,” explained Anna Tsivileva.


Andrey Turchak thanked Anna Tsivileva for supporting the working group’s initiative to introduce a unified standard for regional measurements to support the NWO participants.

“For our part, we are also ready to support them in terms of legislative support and securing the activities of the fund. We are all engaged in an important task aimed at the main goal: our Victory in a special military operation and support for our boys and their families,” said Andriy Turchak.

In conclusion, he said that work to expand federal measures to support NWO participants and their families will also continue.

“Today there are more than 130 federal support measures: housing, medical assistance, tax assistance, transportation, the right to vacation credit, suspension of administrative and enforcement procedures, moratorium on housing penalties and community services, increased insurance experience. for computing pensions, benefits in the field of education and employment. Work will continue to expand federal measures. In the course of my last report to the President, I reported on this, some of the measures were supported. The working group is preparing the relevant regulatory and legislative changes,” said Andriy Turchak.

On May 16, the NWO issue working group held a meeting to develop a unified standard for regional measures to support special operation participants and their families. Andrey Turchak proposed setting that standard in a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on April 24. According to the head of the group, secretary of the General Council of United Russia, it should include the necessary minimum set of measures to support the participants in the special operation and their families, as well as provide support to regions with low budget security.

Recall that the parliamentary coordination group on NWO issues, headed by Andriy Turchak, was created by order of the president. It included representatives from both houses of the federal parliament and from all parliamentary parties, the Ministry of Defence, leaders of public organizations and prominent war correspondents.

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