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Monday, October 2, 2023
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The wrong side of star weddings: Galich’s dress was torn, and Vodonaeva’s catering “merged” on the day of the celebration

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:52:44

“A terrible dream of an organizer!”, “Conditions of the wildest stress” – this is how Anna Gorodzhaya describes celebrity weddings in her book “Wedding Without Marriage”, which she recently presented. Anna was responsible for the celebrations of Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Priluchny, Ida Galich, Ksenia Borodina and other celebrities.

We have taken only a few interesting episodes from this book.

Anna Gorodzhaya. Photo: Vagan Alvadyan

Galich’s dress was torn in the armpit area.

Anna recalls that at the wedding of the host Ida Galich and Alan Basiev, there was a real curiosity, but at the same time joyful.

“On the day of the registry office, during a photo session, Alan took Ida in his arms, and her dress was torn in the armpit area. And the next day, for the first time in my practice, the evening bride changed not into her spare dress, but into my powdery pink suit, in which I worked and which perfectly fit the concept of decoration.

Ida Galich’s wedding. Photo: nevesta.moscow

Vodonaeva’s guests almost lost the banquet.

The biggest problem at the wedding of Alena Vodonaeva and Alexei Komov was the banquet, which was in danger.

“A couple of hours before the arrival of the young people, the caterer, who offered us advertising cooperation, literally merged, refusing to organize dinner. As a matter of urgency, while supervising a photo and video shoot, I found a restaurant in the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg. The manager of this place responded attentively to my request, and within an hour all the dishes we ordered were delivered and served to the newlyweds.”

Wedding of Alena Vodonaeva. Photo: nevesta.moscow

Anna Asti and Yurkin move the wedding to another country

Anna Asti and Stanislav Yurkin were planning to get married abroad in the covid 2020 and, according to the organizer, they fell into “conditions of the wildest stress”.

“The requirements associated with the covid restrictions changed literally every day towards more and more stringency and uncertainty. Good thing our intuition once again did not fail: even before the total lockdown began, we offered the newlyweds not to pay in advance for the restaurant and entrance fees until it became clear whether we would close for quarantine or not. Thus, we managed to save the budget and move the event to Moscow. What have we not been through in this difficult 2020!”

Anna Asti’s wedding. Photo: nevesta.moscow

Dakota and Sokolovsky almost ran out of a tent a week before the celebration

In the year of the wedding of Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, the parks were being reconstructed by order of the mayor of the city, and the organizers could not obtain the documents for the construction of the tent in which the wedding was to take place.

“We wrote letters, communicated with the park administration, but all efforts were in vain: they made us promises, and the installation date was constantly changing. As a result, a week before the wedding, there was still no tent… It was a terrible dream of the organizer! After all, everything was ready! According to the scheme of the tent, the decoration was drawn, the arrangement of tables and the kitchen space was organized, and the technical equipment was calculated. We had no choice but to move the 250 person event to another location in less than a week. Imagine the state of mind of the couple!

dakota’s wedding

Photo: social networks

Valeria Sushina in a wedding dress fell from a boat into the water

On the wedding day, the singer Valeria Sushina was supposed to swim beautifully to her fiancé Kirill Astapov in a boat. The host Georgy Kuzubov informed about this and asked all the guests to look into the pond.

“25 meters before the registration zone, Lera got into the boat and began to wave her hands at Kirill, shouting: “Honey, I’m coming to you!” The guests applauded with anticipation, but then…the bride, reeling, fell into the water. The presenter commented on the incident with humor until the shocked guests finally realized that it was another hoax,” Anna shared.

Valeria Sushina’s wedding. Photo: nevesta.moscow

Natalia Turetskaya’s husband exchanged shoes with a friend

What a celebration without jokes! During the meeting of guests at the wedding of Natalia Turetskaya (daughter of Mikhail Turetsky, founder of the popular choir) and Dmitry Gilevich, a funny story happened.

Wedding of Natalia Turetskaya. Photo: nevesta.moscow

“The presenter Alexander Belov played one of the groom’s friends and said that Dima’s shoes were tight and he needed to be rescued. As a result, the friend gave away his shoes and put on slippers, and all his friends supported him and went to the ceremony in disposable slippers.

Photo: Vagan Alvadyan

Anna Gorodzhey’s book is available for purchase in major bookstores, as well as on the Internet.

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