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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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There are fewer cars in Russia: what is the reason?

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:43:55

The decrease in the number of cars is due to the fact that the fleet is aging, and there is nothing to replace it.

Photo: Dmitri BRUSHKO

In Russia, the size of the vehicle fleet has decreased significantly. By the end of 2022, 60.45 million vehicles were registered with the traffic police. Despite the fact that a year earlier there were 64 million, we are talking about everything that drives, these are cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Such a drop is observed for the first time, in the old days the car fleet confidently added 1.5-2% per year.

However, the number of passenger cars remained in the black, albeit barely noticeable. At the end of 2022, 50.6 million small cars were registered in the country, while a year earlier there were 50.3 million, with a growth of half a percentage point. Surprisingly, the dynamics of growth and decline turned out to be extremely uneven across regions. For example, in the Far East, the number of passenger cars increased by 15,000, while in Moscow it decreased by 16,600 (these are the largest indicators of growth and decline in the country).

But even in those regions where there is growth, it is usually much less than in previous years.

“The decrease in the number of cars is due to the fact that the fleet is aging and there is nothing to replace it,” Anton Shaparin, vice-president of the National Automobile Union, told kp.ru. – New car sales have fallen considerably. Internally, we produce very little, this cannot cover the shortage of imports.

The second reason is the massive decline in automobiles. This is done for several reasons. For example, those who left the country or are going to do so in the near future. They cross the border in their cars or sell cars inside Russia. For residents of the regions, this was a good opportunity to buy a tolerable second-hand foreign car from the “departure” of the capital. Therefore, by the way, the park grew mainly in the regions.

The question is, why aren’t the new owners in a hurry to register them? This is due to the fact that cars often end up in the hands of resellers who do not want to register the car themselves. The increase in the number of owners in the TCP has a negative impact on the price. By the way, this method is used to sell cars to those who do not leave the country.

– People remove the car from the register, but continue to own it and even drive, – says Shaparin. – This is done in order not to pay the transport tax, not to enter cells for violations. There is a whole technology of such shadow sales. These are intermediate buyers (so-called packaging), which cannot be found during the day, and sales contracts are drawn up with an open date. And in such a suspended state, the car can exist for a long time.


2020 62.7

2021 64

2022 60.45

*registered vehicles

Source: traffic police

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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