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Friday, December 8, 2023
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There is a boom in age transitions in Japan: why are people verbally rejuvenating en masse?

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:46:01

Jackie demands to consider that she is not 39, but 28 years old.

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In Japan, a wave of age transitions has begun – changes in biological age to a younger one.

This was provoked by the hero of one of the popular television shows. The Kyoto resident, who goes by the name Jacky, is 39 years old. He is a classic clumsy who has not bothered to acquire knowledge and life experience for a man approaching forty.

Jackie has not proven to be a good worker. The boss constantly asked him: how is it possible that at that age you don’t know the simplest things? The man grew tired of this and decided to “find the right balance between an adult and a teenager,” after which he announced that he was trans-aging. Now Jackie demands to take into account that he is not 39, but 28 years old.

Thus, the Japanese justified their immaturity, while declaring that “in the era of self-identified diversity, everyone is free to identify themselves as they wish, without provoking condemnation from others.”

Then Jackie became a real star in Japan, where a wave of age transitions had already begun. Her imitators believe that choosing an age at which a person feels comfortable does not contradict any norm and, in general, this type of concept makes a person’s life more fun and even allows them to be a child again.

Japanese law only allows a person to change their age if the applicant’s original birth documents have been lost, falsified or never existed. But even in this case, the testimony of witnesses and the results of medical examinations will not significantly distort the truth.

In the first days after the broadcast of the television program with the participation of Jackie in the Land of the Rising Sun, the prospects of legalizing trans-age transition were seriously discussed. There were voices in favor of such an initiative in light of the deepening demographic crisis in the country associated with the aging of the population. The proportion of residents over 80 years of age has reached 10% of the total population in Japan; for the first time in the country’s history.

Supporters of such a transition even calculated the savings it would bring to pension funds. But a more sober assessment showed that such an innovation could lead to real chaos, associated, for example, with the processing of minors, etc. Furthermore, if such manipulations with biological age are legalized, we will have to recognize a kind of artificial aging, in which hundreds of thousands of people will take credit for the years remaining before retirement and demand it from the State ahead of schedule.

Psychologists and psychiatrists do not consider Jackie’s case to be unique and associate it with a midlife crisis.

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