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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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“There were such tides of happiness that I seemed to rise above the ground, like a priest.” Selected quotes from the great Inna Churikova

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:25:16

Inna Churikova in the film “There is no ford on fire”

Photo: frame of the film.

Unfortunately, on January 14, 2023, Inna Churikova, the great Russian actress, passed away, who at the moment (with all her love for Svetlana Kryuchkova, Nina Usatova, Alisa Brunovna Freindlich and many others) has no equal. The Soviet movie star fought and smiled to the end, this year she was supposed to celebrate her 80th birthday, but her illness took her life. But the immortal legacy-she couldn’t her. “KP” cries and remembers the deep and funny quotes * from the queen from Belebey’s “Lenkom”, whose favorite role is still Marfushenka from “Morozko”.


Marfushka from the film “Morozko”

Photo: frame of the film.

“I want to tell you how much I love the comedy genre and how I got into it. It all started with the movie Frost. For me it was a very serious job, I was very worried. I am grateful to Alexander Arturovich Rowe, a wonderful director and storyteller, for leading me into this role. I know that he dealt with Tamara Nosova for her, and I was still in my first year at the institute. I thought I wouldn’t see this role, but I got it. I remember learning to ride pigs, and they behaved so unexpectedly. I ate onions instead of apples. You definitely had to eat three onions (smiles), there were a lot of takes. Time was hungry then, and the props were saving. My milk was also very diluted, but I drank it and no one guessed. Marfusha is generally my favorite hero! Like many children and adults. Kids don’t like sweets at all, they like flawed characters.”


Photo: frame of the film.

“Not far from our house, in a field, an apple tree grew, and in winter, when huge snowdrifts fell, I would run there. I sat on the snow covered with infusion, as if on a throne, put my hands on the “armrests” and began to play, alone: ​​I imagined that she was a queen! I spoke to some courtiers… Where did this come from? We not only did not have a TV, we did not have a radio for a long time: I remember who was winning kypc that year. I go after listening to the training section and they ask me: “Are you Churikova? Do you know what Veniamin Ivanovich (Tsygankov – Soviet director and teacher) said about you? “Either she’s a fool, or a genius” (laughs out loud). I’m probably both, though I don’t know anything about genius.”


“I really appreciate people who have a sense of humor. I even fall in love with them. And for me, the most attractive quality in a man is a sense of humor. For me, each of my roles cannot be exempt from a smile, an irony, some point of fun. Even if the role is serious, tragic.


“In life, I would not agree to strip! Even if the Motherland asked: “Go, play in a play, get naked!” Never. She just couldn’t take it. Well, you can also look at naked women, but men…”


Inna Churikova with her husband and son

“Do you know when I was really happy? When she gave birth to our treasure with Gleb. We’re all in the room, and there were nine of us there, so we got ready for the first date! We took turns preening ourselves in front of a small mirror that hung over the sink: my dear neighbors tied white scarves on each other and dressed like madonnas! Then the nanny came, she began to boldly scatter the children like that, we caught them … And so each was left alone with her little big one, and only knocks were heard in the hall. How happy I was!


Little Inna Churikova with her parents.

“Grandma loved grandfather all her life and was faithful to him, the only one. He died in the war when he was transporting food products to besieged Leningrad in a truck through the ice of Lake Ladoga: a shell exploded next to him, and the car collapsed, so that his grave was at the bottom. In her youth, the grandmother was beautiful, and when she grew older, she remained an interesting woman. She was already sixty years old and everyone was courting her. “Akulina, let’s get married,” but she refused. I once asked her: “Grandma, why don’t you get married? If there was a man by your side, I would help you. She replied: “How can I look Zakhar in the eye later?”


“I used to have moments where so much happiness would roll around for no reason, I thought I was going to burst. Gleb asked me: “What’s wrong with you?” I replied: “Wait, I have a surge of happiness! .. Oh, I can’t, now they’re tearing me apart! ..” It seemed to me that he lifted me up off the ground, like a priest in Marquez’s house. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to me anymore (laughs). yes i’m getting serious


“I believe that in every little thing you can find something good. You have to be able to live in the present. We must appreciate what we have today, love every second that life gives. And even if the soul is sad, find some joy. Wake up in the morning in this state of mind. It’s so frustrating when people start complaining. At the same time, I understand that many people have a very difficult life. However, you need to somehow change, realize that the difficulties will pass, and you will waste time on discontent, grievances … Somehow you need to switch to a different state of mind. Now, if only not to lose loved ones!

* Based on materials from KP, Izvestia, Biography, AiF, Novy Ochag, Kultura TV channel, State Television and Radio Fund publications

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