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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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There will be tanks, but not now: the United States discouraged Ukraine with the decision to supply Abrams

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:00:29

In Washington he began to plan the world order after the special operation


US President Biden and German Chancellor Scholz are expected to announce the delivery of US and German tanks to Ukraine. But, according to The Washington Post, the Abrams won’t receive the APU until spring. And the ABC publication, citing a US official, notes that the tanks will arrive in Ukraine in a year. The same story with the German “Leopards” – in Berlin they said more than once that this is not something fast. Against the background of the constant stuffing about the “counteroffensive” of the Ukrainian troops preparing in the near future, such reserves look somewhat strange, because tanks are needed, first of all, precisely for the offensive. It turns out that we should not expect decisive events on the battlefield before the summer?

But this is from the point of view of the West fighting Russia. But Russia may not think so, it certainly builds its military plans without taking Western “interests” into account. By the way, a significant delay in the supply of tanks to Ukraine can speak of them. According to The Washington Post columnist, Washington’s decision to supply Kyiv with tanks, but not now, but much later, is due to the fact that the US administration is already thinking about how to help Ukraine defend itself against “future aggression” by Russia.

At the same time, the author of the American edition, referring to Secretary of State Blinken, explains that Moscow’s new “deterrence structure” implies, first of all, “providing Ukraine with the tools it needs for self-defense” – powerful systems. weapons, especially armored vehicles and air defense. That is, we are no longer talking about the imminent admission of Ukraine to NATO, which was defended recently. Let her defend herself and we’ll give her everything she needs to wear Russia down.

In other words, the West remains focused on the strategic defeat of Russia, but does not expect this to happen in the near future, although it repeats mantras about an “early victory for Ukraine”. And he is not going to get directly involved in the conflict either: Blinken, according to The Washington Post, emphasized that President Biden’s approach to events in Ukraine excludes the outbreak of a Third World War.

Blinken, the newspaper explains, believes that the “overwhelming power of NATO” prevents Russia from escalating the conflict. And quoting an official “familiar with Blinken’s thinking,” he gives a wonderful formula for viewing the situation from Washington: “Putin continues to keep certain forces in reserve because of his unfounded fears that NATO might attack Russia.” Indeed, how can one not believe in the peace of the Western military alliance, which is only engaged in the fact that it tirelessly fights for peace?

But it turns out that not everything is so simple in this fight. Why didn’t Blinken criticize Germany for its long unwillingness to supply Ukraine with leopards? Because “the leadership of the alliance spent more than a year trying to prevent the pro-Ukrainian coalition from disintegrating,” reveals the secret of NATO’s “unity” The Washington Post. The US Secretary of State has spent hundreds of hours persuading (and perhaps even using more) his colleagues to maintain a united western front against Russia. It turns out that the Germans resisted, but not in the same way as near Berlin in 45 …

Tanks for Ukraine, it turns out, a reserve for the future. Washington has already begun planning the next order, which includes “building a system of political-military alliances capable of restoring and preserving the world destroyed by Russia.” Ukraine’s role in it is the long-term deterrence, with the help of Western weapons, of Russia, depriving it of the opportunity to “take a break and regroup.”

“Restore and Preserve” is, of course, about a unipolar, US-centric, “rules-based” world order. But it was the West’s desire to maintain its global hegemony that sparked the conflict in Ukraine. And minced meat that has passed through a meat grinder, as you know, does not roll back.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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