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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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These are the 6 most effective strategies to retain talent in a company

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:09:15

In less than a week, 2023 begins. With the arrival of the new year, many workers set new resolutions and work objectives. This, in some cases, also means changing companies, so Human Resources managers must be vigilant and manage to offer enough incentives to avoid the flight of talent in the company. Teamwork dynamics or even company lunches can be perfect moments to unite teams and create a good work environment. But to retain the profiles that contribute the most to the company in case they show their interest in changing, not only are salary increases useful.

Both the bosses and those responsible for Human Resources must offer improvements in conditions, greater reconciliation or even training plans to recover these profiles. “The brain drain is becoming a bigger problem, especially in sectors as competitive as technology. Companies can do much more than they think by involving workers and enhancing their skills and ideas. Not everything is about salary , there are many more factors that will make it easier for the employee to feel identified with the brand or the project”, comments Enrique Arias, founder of Outfinders.

According to the latest labor cost survey published by the National Statistics Institute (INE) for the third quarter, up to 143,876 unfilled vacancies were registered last September, 91.2% belonging to the service sector. In addition, the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) estimate that 100,000 technological professionals have left our borders since 2008 in search of better working conditions. From the company specialized in gamification techniques, Outfinders, they have pointed out the six key strategies that any talent retention plan must have.

competitive salary

Few are those who work for the love of art, so good work always has to be rewarded in a manner consistent with what the worker contributes to the company. This remuneration does not have to be only economic, but can include various incentives or facilities that help the worker stay in the company.

Labor flexibility

Benefits such as a flexible working day or teleworking possibilities are increasingly valued by Spanish workers. Offering the possibility of working from outside the office as many days as possible and facilitating the reconciliation of employees are very good techniques to stop a massive brain drain.

promotion of creativity

The companies that bet on their employees are the ones with the best chances of success. Many entrepreneurs do not realize that their team has a gold mine of ideas, so it is important to listen to them and encourage their contributions. Thus, in addition to strengthening the company, the degree of satisfaction and identification with the worker’s brand is increased.

paid training plans

Today in almost all sectors it is necessary for professionals to retrain every so often, since being up to date is how they are really going to achieve the best results. Offering training provided by the company and a good career plan will help the employee feel valued and at ease in the company.

good team environment

Another of the variables that will determine whether professionals leave a company is the environment in the office. Creating a pleasant and relaxed environment will help the teams come together, also facilitating teamwork.

clear and direct communication

Transparency is increasingly valued by the professionals that make up a company. A good internal communication system will allow all employees to feel part of the organization and become more committed to it, since they feel that they are counted on and not left behind.

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