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Monday, June 5, 2023
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These are the changes in permanent disability pensions for 2023

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:02:24

Pensions for permanent disability present great novelties for this year of 2023, especially with respect to their new amounts, both minimum and maximum, which increase by 8.5%, as does the contributory unemployment benefit, also known as unemployment, as well as the subsidy of 480 euros for those who have worked for at least three months. And it is that, after the publication of the CPI last November, the Government of Spain granted the forecast of the increase for these economic benefits managed by Social Security.

However, non-contributory disability pensions will be revalued by 15%, as will the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) and non-contributory retirement pensions. This is included in the new General State Budgets. It must not be forgotten that what is sought with this increase, from within the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, led by José Luis Escrivá, is the revaluation of pensions for permanent disability so that pensioners do not lose purchasing power this year. Precisely in this sense, it is of vital importance to know that the inflation rate closed the month of December below 6%.

Specifically, it did so by 5.7%. However, in August 2022, due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, it reached the double-digit barrier, with 10.4%, which was reflected in the prices of food, gasoline or the utility bill. light. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the amounts of the pensions for permanent disability accrue in 14 payments during the year, that is, twelve payments corresponding to the twelve monthly payments, together with two extraordinary payments, which are usually paid during the months of June and November, respectively. Of course, what does not change this year is that if the pension derives from an accident at work and occupational disease, it is paid in 12 months, since the extra payments are prorated in the monthly payments.

New amounts of the pension for permanent disability

As of today, almost a million people in Spain will receive a permanent disability pension. However, the first thing to know is what is the definition of permanent disability given by the National Institute of Social Security. According to this public body, it is an economic benefit that tries to cover the loss of income suffered by a worker when due to illness or accident his or her ability to work is reduced or cancelled.

In this regard, there are four depending on the degree of disability and that vary depending on general requirements, as well as contribution. In any case, if the disability derives from an accident, whether or not at work or an occupational disease, no prior contributions are required.

Permanent Partial Permanent Total Permanent Absolute Major Disability

Thus, the total disability pension has an amount equivalent to 55% of the regulatory base, although it can reach 75% if the beneficiary is at least 55 years old and is unemployed. . However, in the case of the pension for absolute permanent disability, it is equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base in the pension.

Regarding the pension for severe disability, it also constitutes a pension of 100% of the regulatory base, although other economic supplements must be added due to the need for the beneficiary to have the help of third parties to carry out the basic actions of the day. a diameter This is the main reason why the severe disability pension is usually the highest of the pensions for permanent disability. For this year of 2023, said amount goes from 1,335.80 euros to 1,449.34 euros in 2023, divided into 14 payments, in the case of a dependent spouse.

Great Disability

Permanent Disability due to Great Disability occurs when the permanently disabled worker needs the assistance of another person for the most essential acts of life.

With a dependent spouse: it goes from 1,335.80 to 1,448.80 euros per month. Without a spouse: it goes from 1,082.60 to 1,173.53 euros per month.

Absolute or total permanent disability pensions of 65 years or more

With dependent spouse: 965 euros per month and 13,519 euros per year. With non-dependent spouse: 743 euros per month and 10,405 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions between 60 and 64 years of age

With dependent spouse: 906 euros per month and 12,682 euros per year. With non-dependent spouse: 692 euros per month and 9,694 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions derived from common illness in people under 65 years of age

With a dependent spouse and without a spouse: 577 euros per month and 8,081 euros per year.

Non-contributory pension for disability or invalidity

The monthly remuneration of people who receive a disability pension will become 484.61 euros per month Non-contributory disability pension with an increase of 50%: 726.9 euros per month.

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