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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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These are the cheapest provinces to buy a second-hand home

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 18:58:07

The price of housing has no brakes and continues to rise, which makes access to housing difficult for people with less income. According to data from Fotocasa, the interannual increase registered in the price of second-hand housing in the month of May was the highest that has been detected since August 2006. It grew by 10.2% compared to the same month last year and There have been four consecutive months in which the price of housing has grown by more than 10%.

Despite the fact that the trend is widespread throughout Spain, it is true that the behavior is not the same according to each territory. Thus, there are six communities that stand out because the square meter has risen above 10% -greater than or equal to the national average- in the month of May: the Balearic Islands with 22.7%, Navarra with 20.2%, the Canary Islands with 17 .9%, Valencian Community with 12.0%, La Rioja with 10.5% and Andalusia with 10.2%.

The rest of the communities also registered increases. However, if we go into detail by province, the differences are greater and there are even regions with falls in the average price per square meter of second-hand homes. According to the Fotocasa analysis by provinces, the interannual decreases correspond to Palencia (-1.4%), Jaén (-0.2%) and Zamora (-0.1%).

Second-hand homes under 1,000 euros per square meter

Although it is not a coincidence with the provinces that registered falls, Ciudad Real is the cheapest province. There it is possible to buy a second-hand home for less than 1,000 euros per square meter. Specifically, according to the data collected in the month of May, the square meter costs 973 euros on average. However, despite being in the lowest part of the table, in the last year the price has grown by 3.1%. By cheapest provinces, it is followed by Jaén, where buying a second-hand home costs an average of 1,018 euros per square meter. And Toledo completes the top 3 cheapest provinces (1,046 euros/m2).

Still below 1,500 euros per square meter are several Castilian-Leonese provinces. In Zamora, buying a second-hand home costs an average of 1,157 euros per square meter; in León, 1,287 euros; and in Palencia, 1,363 euros. Among the lowest provinces, Cuenca (1,197 euros/m2), Cáceres (1,210 euros/m2) and Badajoz (1,219 euros/m2) also stand out.

On the other hand, the cheapest province capital is Zamora, where the average price per square meter in a second-hand home is 1,266 euros. In fact, there the average price has fallen by 1% compared to a year ago. According to the provincial capitals, the city of Zaragoza is where the average price has fallen the most (-3%) in the interannual rate, followed by Gipuzkoa, Zamora and Palencia. The rest record increases.

On the contrary, the most expensive provincial capital is Donostia – San Sebastián with 5,812 euros per square meter, followed by Barcelona capital (4,415 euros/m2), Madrid capital (4,305 euros/m2), Palma de Mallorca (3,966 euros/m2 ), Bilbao (3,419 euros/m2), Pamplona / Iruña (3,031 euros/m2), Malaga city (2,989 euros/m2) and Vitoria – Gasteiz (2,833 euros/m2).

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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