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Friday, December 8, 2023
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These are the only 5 pesetas coins that can make you rich

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:26:52

There are not many old pesetas coins that can make you a millionaire and most of them are in the hands of collectors, but just because of the money you can earn if you have one of them, it is important that you get to know them and why they are so valuable. Finding one of these lucrative Spanish coins in that box that appeared in a move hidden under a tile or in the attic of your grandparents’ house is like finding a needle in a haystack, but what if you have one of them and can win some euros, a ten or miles? Take note.

The specialist and director of the Spanish Association of Professional Numismatists, Jesús Vico details to La Información some examples of pesetas coins that do have great economic value, but he asks to pay close attention to the characteristics of each one because not all of them are worth a fortune for the simple fact that the year that appears on one of its faces coincides.

What makes the pesetas coins worth thousands of euros?

The first thing we have to know to become an ‘amateur numismastic’ for a few moments and examine our pesetas coins correctly is that we have to differentiate the year in which one coin is minted from the year that is put into circulation and appears in the other expensive. In the pesetas coins, a large face always shows a year, which is the year of “issue” and then there are smaller stars and the year of “minting” can be seen on it.

It is precisely this appreciation one of the keys for a coin of the old Spanish pesetas to have more or less value. This trait makes many people come to this association thinking they have a treasure when in fact they have current coins.

How much is a peseta coin worth?

The most difficult thing would be to find a coin of the old Spanish pesetas from the time of Juan Carlos I with numismatic value. The reason? Another of the variables that determine the value of the currency: scarcity. “Everything coined in the 20th century has a very high volume of circulation,” says the expert. “If there are millions of pieces minted, it is impossible for millions of collectors to be willing to pay a high price,” explains Vico.

“For a coin to be worth thousands of euros there has to be a strong demand.” That makes coin collectors pay thousands of euros for the most desired ones on the market. Only the so-called exceptions are next on the wish list of many numimastics. For a pesetas coin to meet this requirement, it must be part of a select group of those that were minted at the time as proof or in a different metal from the one that was put into circulation or with some characteristic that made it unique.

This is the main mistake we make when we think that we have peseta coins stored in a drawer and we start to make numbers of all the money we can earn with them. Yes, it would make our savings account happy if suddenly a 100 pesetas coin with the image of Franco appeared in that messy drawer where we kept things since we were children.

100 pesetas franc


Franco’s 100 pesetas coin that costs 210 euros

As we have explained before, any of these characteristics is not valid. And why are you only here and not all? Because far fewer coins were minted and in the midst of a market of supply and demand they are more persecuted and more valued.

Do not despair if you have found this coin but the year of minting also says 1966. In this case the coin can have the value of the silver with which it is made, which can be around 6 or 7 euros. In this case, the value is not very high, but “this coin is more common for Spaniards to find in their homes in quantity.”

Franco 50 pesetas coin


The 50 pesetas coin that is worth 22,000 euros

The 100 pesetas coin with Franco’s face is not the only one that can bring joy to savings. It is also profitable to look at the 50 pesetas from 1957. The ones that the Spaniards carried in their pockets has nothing to do with these and the biggest difference is found on one of their faces.

This is one of those examples that can be classified as a miracle if someone finds one at home, because “many people say they have 100 50 pesetas coins from 1957, but what is worth is the proof, which is rare.” Isima and is in the hands of collectors or in the Casa de la Moneda”. This one is worth leaving your eyes to find it in that box with coins, some of them rusty. Its value can reach 22,000 euros.

The most expensive peseta coin

The most expensive franc peseta


The most expensive Spanish peseta is a peseta from the year 1946 (issue) minted during the period of the Franco dictatorship and designed by the Valencian sculptor Mariano Benlliure y Gil. In this case, it is also necessary to look at the year of minting, which has the most value because it is the one from 1948. Vico recalls that “it is not the same when a government issues a new coin with the year in which it is actually minted. A It is one thing to approve it legislatively and another to coin it”.

The value of this peseta also resulted from another of the keys that gives a more or less price to a coin. It is about its preservation. A well-preserved peseta can reach around 2,200 euros.

five pesetas de franc coin


The coin of a Franco duro that is now worth 20,000 euros

Another coin that generates a lot of confusion for Spaniards who go to experts in numismatics, coin collecting and other related objects such as bills, titles, value and medals, is the 50 pesetas with Franco’s face. It was first seen in the year 1949, but then there are several consecutive minting years (1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952).

Here the most valuable are those with the year 1949 in large and the years 51 or 52 appear on the minting star. “They are the rarest to see because there was very little circulation.” Its price in the market can reach 20,000 euros. However, those that appear in the star in the years 49 or 50 “are the most common” and their value can be two euros.

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