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Monday, March 4, 2024
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These are the reasons why unemployment can end prematurely

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:02:40

The unemployment benefit is an aid that the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) recognizes for people without work. But it is a contributory benefit that is only available to workers who have contributed a minimum period to Social Security. Specifically, this subsidy will be available after having contributed for a year and the longer you have contributed, the longer the benefit will last.

It is calculated taking into account the employment time quoted during unemployment for the six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment. For those who have the minimum contribution period -one year-, the strike will last for four months -120 days-. The maximum time that a person can receive unemployment is two years -720 days-, provided they have contributed for six years or more.

Once the corresponding term has elapsed, the contributory unemployment benefit is terminated. The beneficiary may request other non-contributory benefits. However, it is possible that the strike is extinguished before the expiration of the duration period due to various assumptions recognized by law. In the first place, if the beneficiary dies or becomes a pensioner due to retirement – he reaches ordinary age – or permanent disability.

Causes for which unemployment ends earlier: registration as a new worker

But, in addition, when the unemployed worker becomes active again, extinction occurs, provided certain requirements are met. In the first place, if you are registered as an employee for at least 360 days.

If at the end of the employment relationship, you are entitled to a new benefit, you may choose between resuming the benefit you were receiving -for the period that will remain and the bases and rates that corresponded to you- or receive the benefit that the new contributions take effect once have originated In this case, the so-called right of option is generated: if you choose the previous benefit, the contributions that have generated the benefit that you have not chosen, cannot be taken into account to approve a subsequent benefit. It is what is called the right of option

In the case of self-employment, the extinction will occur if it lasts more than 60 months. And if the self-employment lasts more than 24 months, but less than 60 months, if the beneficiary is not registered as a self-employed worker in the Special Social Security Regime for Self-Employed Workers or in the Special Regime for The Workers of the Sea.

transfer abroad

Another of the reasons that lead to the extinction of unemployment, even if the period of duration has not ended, is the transfer of residence abroad of the worker. Although in this case, the sepe recognizes certain situations in which the strike would be suspended and will not be extinguished for the beneficiary. For its part, the voluntary waiver of the right also produces its extinction, as well as the recidivism of minor or serious infractions or the commission of a serious or very serious infraction whose sanction is, precisely, the extinction of the right to the contributory benefit due to unemployment.

Termination ends with the worker’s right to a contributory benefit. However, once the unemployment benefit is approved, it can be suspended for various reasons, and can be resumed later. In this case, the payment of financial benefits and Social Security contributions is interrupted. But, once renewed, it will recover in the same conditions.

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