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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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These are the seven banks in Europe that pay 4% for their deposits… or more

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:48:35

Increases in interest rates not only negatively influence society, with more expensive mortgages and loans, but also have positive effects such as higher profitability on deposits. For this reason, and with the latest increase in the official price of ECB money, some banks have increased the profitability of these fixed-term deposits until they are closer to the official rates, which are already at 4.5%.

The best offers come from foreign banks, which can be contracted through the Raisin platform, although in Spain Arquia Banca stands out, which has just launched a deposit with a profitability of 4% but with a term of six months and the Facto Account . , which pays 4.07% for both six and twelve months.

System Banking, the most profitable

Regarding the financial entities that offer the highest interest rates on Banca Sistema. The Italian bank offers its clients 4.40% on their twelve-month deposit and is positioned as the bank with the highest profitability, since, as an example, if 20,000 euros are invested, profits of 880 euros would be obtained. As a condition, the deposit will only be available between 20,000 euros and 100,000 euros.

The Latvian entity BluOr Bank paid 4.21%. Its deposits are available from 1 euro and the maximum import reaches 100,000 euros, a much lower limit than the previous one. On the contrary, in this country up to 20% is retained, which could be reduced to 10% due to agreements between countries. It is followed by Banca Progetto, which markets the next most profitable deposit. The Italian entity offers 4.20%. In addition, your deposits can be contracted from 10,000 euros.

The Portuguese bank Haitong has a deposit whose minimum amount is also set at 10,000 euros. In this case, the bank pays the user 4.10%, and, as it has a branch in Spain, the tax withholding is at the usual 19%. The Estonian bank, Coop Pank, pays 4.05% for its one-year fixed-term deposits, whose limit is 5,000 euros, and does not have withholdings. A similar case is that of LHV, also from Estonia. The entity offers a 4.05% bonus and sets the limit at 500 euros.

The financial institution that is on the border of 4% is a bank from Lithuania, Fjord Bank, since it pays 4% on its one-year deposits. This bank sets the contracting limit at 1,000 euros, while the maximum also varies compared to the rest, since it stands at 95,000 euros. Regarding tax withholding, the Lithuanian country places it at 15%, although there may be a reduction of up to 10% due to the approved agreements.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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