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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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“These people exude an incredible good nature.” Popular rapper ST talks about a new track with a colleague who fought from Lugansk, the power of Donbass and the Russian people.

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:58:22

rapper S.T.

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Everyone in the rap community knows ST. Muscovite Alexander Stepanov from the prestigious Kutuzovsky Prospekt district (in the courtyard vocabulary – “Kutuza”) was noticed by hip-hoper Seryoga (“Black Boomer”, remember?) In the 2000s, then he began to release clips and hit the Y charts in the mid-10s, he shone brightly and unobtrusively among the most popular rap battles of that time, defeating the clear favorite of the Versus Battle project, Harry Topor. After ST, he also appeared on the Voice show and won the New Stars in Africa project, but, most importantly, he did not remain silent about the current situation in the country and the Russophobia that is flourishing in the West. The rapper openly supported the SVO, often visits the Donbass with concerts and humanitarian aid, and not so long ago he recorded the song “Thoughts” with his colleague Sergey Nikhaenko, a former serviceman of the Lutugino People’s Militia LPR, who also performs in the hip-hop genre and even managed to sing in a contest for young musicians at the Taurida.ART festival. ST told KP about this.

ST brought humanitarian aid to the children of Donbass

— Sasha, how and where did you first meet and meet Sergei Nikhaenko? What impression did this person leave?

– We met through a contest among young performers, which was held by the Tavrida.ART festival. One of the prizes was the opportunity to record a joint composition with a popular artist. When they sent me the Seryoga song, I gladly agreed to work together. We have already met personally in Moscow during the recording of the song in the studio of Roman Bestseller (sound producer of almost all modern stars, from Ivan Dorn and Alekseev to Lolita and Olga Buzova), who was responsible for arranging the composition. Seryoga immediately made a positive impression on me. A simple guy who, for his age, has a lot of life experience behind him. We immediately hit it off and started working on the song.

– How was the work in the duet “Thoughts”? Were you responsible for the text, was it for the sound, or did you write verse by verse?

– Before arriving at the studio, I listened to the version of the song that Sergey and his team recorded on their own. Our task with Roma Bestseller was to modernize the arrangement and make it better. However, we have a lot of musical experience. I also had to come up with a place for my verse so that the song would become a duet.

ST and Sergei Nikhaenko.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Did they sharpen the text together?

– As for Sergei’s original text, I immediately told him that I do not have a goal to rewrite it, but I can suggest what points I would personally edit. And if he agrees, together we can do it. Seryoga trusted and we made minor changes to the text. I wrote my own text. But when recording, he suggested supplementing each other’s parts with backing vocals to add duet integrity to the song. He was very pleased with the fact that Serega has a musical education, so it was easy for him and Roma to work on the arrangement and select the necessary chords and tonality.

– Although Nikhaenko behaves on stage like a true artist, he actually served in the 202nd rifle regiment of the 2nd separate guards motorized rifle brigade of the LPR People’s Militia. And I’ve been in the war zone. Has this been discussed?

– Seryozha spoke about participation in the NWO. And he asked me about my trips to the Donbass. I told how I went there with humanitarian aid, to meetings with children and to the hospital. He himself volunteered in February 2022. I remember how things were then and how things are now. It is especially valuable to hear about such things, as they say, firsthand.

Sergei Nikhaenko on stage.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

— Last year you were in Donbass. How can you describe that experience? What surprised you in the first place? What kind of people are there?

– Now, answering your questions, I am in Berdyansk, where I perform at the Yug Young festival. In addition, this year I was in Torez (DPR), where I also spoke and talked with the young fighters. I remember my first visit to Lugansk and how the city and its people struck me. Hospitable, friendly, responsive. Despite everything that is happening at the moment, they try not to think about the bad, try to somehow distract themselves and generally radiate incredible kindness. In Torez, people came up to me on the street, greeted me, took photos, thanked me for coming. They are happy when artists come to them, for them it is very valuable and significant.


Sergey Nikhaenko: “Music helped me not to go crazy”

“The song “Thoughts” was created at the front, in the trenches. Broadcast my status at the time. It seems to me that the true essence of the words and ST hooked. If we are talking about a patriotic song, then I do not want the songs to be filled exclusively with slogans and appeals. Therefore, I try to make sure that human relationships are reflected in my works. A soldier at the front cannot be incited to attack and motivated by stereotyped slogans and appeals. The main thing that warms up a fighter and gives him the strength to survive in difficult conditions is hope. The desire to return home to those who are waiting for him: relatives, friends. And if a person is an orphan, he still thinks of places dear to his heart. How did I get to the front? On February 19 of last year, the authorities announced a general mobilization in the LPR. Lots of coworkers got summonses to the draft board, but for some reason I didn’t. Somehow it became awkward, embarrassed or something… To be honest, I can’t even say what exactly moved me at the moment I decided to sign up as a volunteer. I was walking down the street, my head snapped, tears rolled down, my heart beat faster, and I realized I had to go to the draft. So, as a volunteer, I ended up in the 202nd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade of the LPR People’s Militia. Music was my only outlet there. I brought a guitar with me, but unfortunately, I had to get rid of it quickly. The commanders said that my loud singing could be heard even in enemy positions. In fact, the music helped not to go crazy. and it is not something, but someone. And for two months a puppy lived with us in the stall, which we picked up and saved from inevitable death. Now the little friend is a full member of my family. Even at the front, the dog received the nickname “Luganka”.

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