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Monday, March 4, 2024
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These three exercises will help relieve a headache – 20 minutes – and you will be full of energy again.

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:50:15

Experts Say Headaches Shouldn’t Be Tolerated

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Do you know at least one person who has never had a headache in his life? No? And there are some lucky ones! According to the WHO, only (or many?) 2% of the world’s population does not know what a headache is. The remaining 98% have occasional or frequent, severe or tolerable headache.

Women, men and even children of kindergarten age complain of headache – this is what a headache is scientifically called. Russia has its own Society for the Study of Headache, at the end of April it held the All-Russian Conference “Headache and Dizziness in Clinical Practice.”


Cephalology is the science of treating headaches. Specialists-cephalologists have more than 200 types of headaches. These are migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and other types of pain. There are dozens of varieties in each section, only an experienced doctor will notice the differences.

It is reliably established that the headache can occur:

1) with alcohol intoxication of the body;

2) with vegetovascular dystonia;

3) for colds, SARS, sinusitis and other inflammatory and infectious diseases;

4) in violation of the venous outflow from the brain;

5) with problems in the cervical spine;

6) in cardiovascular diseases;

7) with tumors and infections of the brain, its membranes;

8) with side effects of the medications taken.

And these are only the most common options.


Experts say that headaches should not be tolerated. Headache is not just feeling bad. It not only spoils the mood, but also provokes sleep disorders, depression, neurological disorders.

When the head hurts, there is an excessive load on the vessels and the body as a whole, the adrenaline content increases, the pulse increases, blood pressure rises, and neurons in the brain are damaged. Pain attacks can become more frequent and become chronic

At the same time, if you resort to painkillers too often (more than 3-4 times a week), then your head will already ache due to the fact that you got used to these pills. You will not have mercy on a headache, you need to look for a doctor who will alleviate the problem.


Psychosomatics is a direction of medicine and psychology that studies how feelings and experiences affect human health. Stress, nervous exhaustion, fear, constant anxiety for loved ones… The result is headaches, the cause of which is very difficult to recognize. It is said that the cause of pain in a person lies in the psyche, when organic causes are excluded: migraine, tumors, etc.

Psychologist Olga Sycheva emphasizes that in order for attacks of tension headaches to occur as little as possible, it is important to establish a daily routine: turn off the lights at 22:00-23:00, get up at 7:00-8: 00. And even on weekends! You need a balanced diet, walks in the fresh air for at least an hour a day. And to ease an ongoing headache attack caused by a negative event or emotion, try breathing practices.

1. Focus on the heart

“Sit as you like,” explains Olga Sycheva. -Close your eyes, take a deep breath and a slow and relaxed exhalation (breathe through your mouth), she repeats several times. And she directs your attention to the zone of your heart, feel yourself and your condition. This mouth breathing practice allows you to calm the flow of thoughts in your head.

This simple breathing practice allows you to relax, relieve tension. You will feel your body, sensations in the body, your brain will work for you, not you for it. 10-20 minutes, and you are full of energy, forget about the headache, put aside the problems to move on!

2. Be the “bomb”

There is also a very useful exercise called the “pump”, which helps to relieve tension in the cervical vertebrae and free breathing:

– Bend slightly to the floor: the back is semicircular, not straight, the head is low. The movement should resemble a smooth arc.

– Take a short, loud breath at the end point of the slope. Begin to straighten up slightly, passively exhaling through your nose or mouth. That is, it is not even an exhalation, but as if the air is coming out of a deflated balloon.

Repeat several times. It is important to ensure that there is no tension in the shoulders and lower back, do not do the exercise forcefully.

3. Stretch your neck

If you feel like you’ve been sitting too long and your neck is stiff, lean back in a chair, find two points on the back of the head on either side of the spine on the border with the skull (approximately where the hair begins to grow). . Press firmly on them several times. Mono performs several circular pressure movements in this area. After a few minutes, he feels that the tension has subsided and that the headache is not as bad anymore.

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