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Monday, July 15, 2024
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These words from Putin at the SPIEF should reassure the West: what the president said

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 17:35:57

Putin’s statements at SPIEF should sober the West. Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

Former Russian Prime Minister – with KP political commentator Alexander Gamov.

… – Sergei Vadimovich, President Vladimir Putin spoke at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. What moved you the most, what impressed you? I am referring to both the tone of the speech and the content.

– The tone, as always, is calm and confident.

Furthermore, if we compare it with the hysterical tone of the speeches of some other so-called “leaders”, including hostile countries.

And the fact that more time is now devoted to social and other issues, including, by the way, the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, means that we are not only solving military problems.

This is the first, probably.

– Interesting observation…

– Well, and secondly, and this is absolutely fair (after all, I am a military man), the question of technological equipment, changes and reform of our army has been raised.

In fact, a technological advance is needed, also in the Armed Forces. By the way, I think that the appointment of Andrei Removich Belousov as Minister of Defense is to some extent related to this.

– Well, Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to Russian companies for their participation in supplying everything necessary to our military personnel participating in a special military operation.

– Actually, it gets to the point. I told you, Sash, that we have created the Christian Charity Foundation… Which, also within the framework of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (Stepashin is the president of this international non-governmental organization – AG), together with Bishop Tikhon, provides real assistance to our soldiers and their families.

Including priests fighting on the battlefield. And here we also receive the support of what we call businessmen, representatives of the country’s large companies.

That’s why I’m willing to support our president here.

– I cannot help but ask you what your attitude is to the statements of the Head of State about the supply of Russian high-precision weapons to our supporters, opponents from hostile countries. I am referring to Vladimir Putin’s sharpest statements at a meeting with the heads of the world’s leading news agencies. And there, in general, long-awaited formulations were heard, perhaps…

– What can we do if they shoot at us and declare that they will attack the territory of our country?

Biden again resorted to personal insults; Scholz, in general, is not capable of deciding anything on his own, in my opinion.

Putin responded completely adequately, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief. You’re right, we’ve been waiting a long time.

-And what would you particularly highlight about your statement? She is, in general, on the one hand, diplomatic, on the other …

– It is sharp and harsh, but not rude, unlike Biden’s sayings.

What about “diplomacy”…?

I would say that this statement is clear and specific. If you hit us, you will get the same. Keep this in mind. That’s all.

– It is empty. And I also know that at the presidential inauguration, and then – you met with many representatives of senior management, we will not name names… How are your moods?

– Well, you have to ask them themselves about each person’s mood.

And so, in general, it is working. Well, the government has been formed, all the accents have been put, we have to work.

There is a popularly elected president, there is a country. There are problems that must be resolved. That’s why I think the atmosphere is also combative.

– And I can’t with you, as an expert on the works of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin (I remember that when you were prime minister you read his poems) …

– I read it yesterday – on Red Square.

-What lines from Pushkin could you put as an epigraph for our current situation?

– Well, after all, the poem “To the slanderers of Russia.”

And the epigraph:

“Comrade, believe she will rise, star of captivating happiness…”

But Russia has already woken up from sleep, thank God.

And I am sure that the words of Vladimir Putin, which have been heard these days, should reassure the West.

– Will you read something else?

– Enough. Now I am in Pushkinogorye.

– Oh, tell me what’s going on there…

– Now there will be several concerts; yesterday there was a great liturgy dedicated to the birthday of Alexander Sergeevich.

Today Bashmet performs, tomorrow Gergiev performs in Mikhailovsky, in the clearing. A lot of people, beautiful weather.

Pushkin is with us!

– Thank you so much. This means that Victory will also be with us.

– With us, of course. Happily.

– Hugs. Bye bye.

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