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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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They are afraid, but they provoke: What does it mean for the West to allow Ukraine to use NATO weapons on Russian territory?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:07:32

Air-launched missiles like Storm Shadow that we can intercept

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Several Western countries immediately gave Ukraine permission to use its weapons to attack Russian territory, including the “old” regions. On Friday, after long deliberation, the White House gave the go-ahead; This information was confirmed by a Pentagon representative. Next is Germany, Chancellor Scholz lifted restrictions in the context of the advance of Russian troops in the Kharkov region (in fact, with an eye on the United States). And NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previously said that many European countries did not impose restrictions at all. For example, Great Britain. British attacks on Russia, according to Stoltenberg, “is what is happening right now.”

We are talking, first of all, about the American ATACMS missiles, as well as the British Storm Shadow and the French SCALP. The versions of these missiles supplied to Ukraine are capable of hitting at a distance of 160 to 300 kilometers: the regions of Rostov, Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk may be threatened…

We are talking, first of all, about American ATACMS missiles.



What does this permission to attack mean? According to the doctor of military sciences and vice president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Konstantin SIVKOV, with this step the NATO countries become full participants in the conflict.

“With this step, NATO members say: we start shooting at them,” Konstantin Sivkov said on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio. – It will not be the Ukrainians who will shoot, but the members of NATO. Since a long-range weapon is not a firearm, it cannot function without a flight mission. Writing an assignment of this type is a very difficult job. You need special equipment, media, software and trained specialists. To competently develop a flight trajectory, it is necessary to have detailed maps of the terrain and the location of the target, know the location of air defense and missile defense systems… Putin correctly said that the Ukrainians may not participate in this absolutely.

NATO members say: we are starting to shoot at them


A little earlier, Vladimir Putin drew the attention of journalists to the fact that such long-range weapons can only be used in conjunction with a satellite constellation, a space target designation system. But only a few countries have it, for example the United States. And, of course, there is nothing like this in any Ukraine. It is Western countries that are preparing flight programs with long-range missiles. According to him, in systems such as Storm Shadow and SCALP flight data can be collected automatically: they are generated by those who manufacture and supply these shock systems. And in the American ATACMS, flight plans are entered using special calculations. But these calculations, even if they are made by Ukrainians, simply enter the numbers into the computer. The Ukrainians may not even understand what they are doing, because the flying mission is still staffed by NATO specialists.

– That is, the Ukrainians show where to attack, and the Western military enters the coordinates into the guidance system? – asked radio host “KP” Konstantin Sivkov.

“I don’t think there are any Ukrainians there,” the expert said. – Both the objectives and the flight route are chosen by officers of the regular armed forces of NATO countries. Specifically, Great Britain. For example, one of the latest attacks on our territory was organized and carried out by British officers with the help of a British-Portuguese drone. It is a large device with a wingspan of five meters. It is not a fact that it even took off from Ukraine; It could have taken off from anywhere.

NATO is trying with all its might to localize the conflict on the territory of Ukraine.



Moscow has repeatedly made clear to the West that attacks with long-range systems on Russian territory are a red line. The West hesitated for a long time before crossing it. And yet, according to military expert, member of the Izborsk Club and author of the telegram channel “Ramzai” Vladislav Shurygin, permission for Ukraine to use long-range weapons was a matter of time.

“If we follow international law, then Ukraine should not ask anyone where to shoot and with what,” he said on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio. – But Ukraine is a colonial country that is under strict external control. Those who control it are very afraid of causing anything more than simply “containing Russia.” This is where all this talk about whether someone allows something or not comes from. From the beginning it was clear that these permits would be given sooner or later. This was simply done gradually to accustom Russia to this poison in homeopathic doses.

According to Shurygin, NATO is trying with all its might to localize the conflict on the territory of Ukraine. And all the talk about permission and non-resolution is an attempt by the West to cloud the fence and shift responsibility once again to kyiv. It turned out to be average.

“Russia proceeds from the fact that all long-range weapons used by b. “Ukraine is already directly controlled by the military of NATO countries,” wrote the vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, on his Telegram channel. – This is not at all “military assistance”, but participation in the war against us. And such actions of yours may well become a casus belli.”

A little earlier, Vladimir Putin hinted to European hawks that they were playing with fire. And the most aggressive are, as a rule, small and densely populated countries. However, according to Konstantin Sivkov, Russian troops will find something to counter Western long-range weapons without extreme measures.

“We can intercept air-launched missiles, like the Storm Shadow,” says Konstantin Sivkov. “We can also locate and target ATACMS missile launch sites. It’s a little more difficult with long-range drones because we don’t know where they are launched from. But there is also an antidote for them.

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