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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“They didn’t make it. maximum beer. The terrorists bothered the poetess Vera Polozkova, who promised to open champagne in the event of the death of Zakhar Prilepin.

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 16:12:04

Poet Vera Polozkova. Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

Still, Dmitry Bykov* was only partly right when he called Vera Polozkova “Elena Vaenga of poetry” and admitted that the poetess committed literary suicide during an interview with Irina Shikhman*.

Polozkova did not commit suicide even in an interview with Yuri Dudyu *, when she admitted that a direct death wish of the writer and politician Zakhar Prilepin is not cannibalism. Speaking for peace, the ATO and other humanisms, Vera explained to a popular liberal YouTube propagandist that “you have to take the context into account.” Laughing loudly, the heiress of Solzhenitsyn and Okudzhava’s philanthropic views justified herself: they say that this is just a comment on the Internet, and in general “you cannot imagine how many comments there were from the series.” Prilepin comes to receive the Nobel Prize, but there is nothing to pick it up, because there are no arms, and there is nothing to go on stage, because there are no legs.

Time passed, and the wishes of Polozkova (now she calls it a “prophecy”) and her comrades almost came true. But not until the end. It was not possible to destroy Zakhar Prilepin, the current officer of the Russian Guard. But it turned out that he killed his colleague, friend and bodyguard Alexander Shubin (call sign “Evil”). Prilepin himself miraculously survived, and for at least another six months he will undergo rehabilitation and recover after his injuries: a fractured spine, chest, both legs, ribs, traumatic brain injury, etc. He is clad in Ilizarov’s iron armor and learns to walk again, stepping on his legs that were shattered by the explosion.

And in a new conversation with Mikhail Kozyrev, the democratic humanist Polozkova seems to have outdone herself when she again mocked the hapless terrorists.

– Did you drink champagne when Zakhar was blown up? – happily asked Mikhail Kozyrev *, the author of the phrase “imperial cancer”.

“Listen, well, they (the terrorists) didn’t reach the champagne,” Vera replied, smiling, a little disappointed. – Although I received photos of champagne that day. Well, what do you mean? Well, no (they did not shoot), so the maximum is beer.

Yes, this is what Russian bourgeois liberalism looks like: get away from “this country”, help the Ukrainian Armed Forces and support the Nazi regime in Ukraine, wish death to compatriots and colleagues, laugh at the crippled officer. of the National Guard.

It is funny.

The logic of Yeltsin’s admirers of democracy is even more charming: where does the bestiality and rancor of the people come from? That’s right: not from cynical terrorist attacks (Daria Dugina, Vladlen Tatarsky, Zakhar Prilepin) and the murder of civilians in the LDNR, but from barely surviving intensive care patients.

And what, someone had any illusions about what “pacifism” is in the understanding of the collective Vera Shikhmanovna Kozyreva, a faithful friend of the Nazis from the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

In vain.

Mental collaborators are also collaborators.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent


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