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Friday, March 1, 2024
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They even mocked in Britain: Liz Truss was disgraced during a visit to Taiwan

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 07:12:20

Liz Truss visited Taiwan and got into a correspondence dispute with two current European leaders at the same time.


Liz Truss, a former British prime minister who was in power for a record 49 days, visited Taiwan and engaged in an absentee dispute with two current European leaders at once. The first was for French President Macron, who recently said that Europe should not get involved in the US-China confrontation over Taiwan. Truss shortened it this way: “It is completely irresponsible for European countries to ‘wash their hands’ of the Taiwan issue.” The hint of a Frenchman was so obvious that everyone immediately guessed it.

But the second figure to whom Liz, incomparable in her incompetence, was severely reproached for bad China policy, was her successor as prime minister, Rishi Sunak. Recently, without denying that Beijing is the “most important long-term threat” to Britain, she nevertheless admits that it is necessary to cooperate with the Chinese on some issues, for example, on the climate. Truss no doubt blurted out: “We cannot have further integration with the Chinese economy.” And then he called for the closure of the Confucius Institute branches operating in the UK.

Everything with Liz is very simple. Speaking at Taiwan’s Prospect Foundation think tank, she coined: “We can’t pretend we have effective deterrence without hard power.” This, of course, is about China. It is curious that around the same time, US Secretary of State Blinken said in a congressional hearing: “We are not looking for a conflict with China or a new cold war.” Maybe she lied herself? And Trass just cut the womb of truth?

Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky during the Ukrainian President’s visit to the UK.


Taiwan is “at the forefront of the battle for global freedom,” Liz said. Where is “we do not seek conflict…”? On the contrary, Truss urged “free countries” to commit to Taiwan’s “liberation” and be ready to support it with concrete measures. For example, to create an “economic NATO” to fight “authoritarian Beijing”. He came to the island to show his support to the current Taipei authorities, who are seeking “independence” recognition.

By the way, before Truss, only Margaret Thatcher came to Taiwan as a former British Prime Minister. It was almost thirty years ago. Thatcher is Liz’s idol, as everyone knows. And she imitates this idol in many ways. Perhaps she was tempted to come to Taiwan not only because of the high fees for her performance, but also because of the desire to feel the shadow of the “Iron Lady” on herself? But it seems that her fate once again played a cruel joke on the unfortunate Liz. The Chinese official Global Times extensively quoted negative assessments of her visit that appeared in the British press. For example: “The clumsy intervention of a disgraced prime minister threatens the fragile relationship with Beijing.” Also: “The last thing the Taiwanese people need is help from Truss.” “Don’t these comments sound like what the editors of the Global Times would say?” – the newspaper angrily warns in its editorial about Truss’s visit.

Compared to former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s well-known visit to Taiwan, which dramatically aggravated US-China relations, Liz Truss’s current visit is unlikely to have any consequences. serious. The Chinese simply ridiculed her, and the British themselves scolded her.

The only thing that can be gleaned from the whole story is a better understanding of the global goals of the West. After all, Truss could not carry a complete joke, even with all his, shall we say, originality from him. From what he said in Taipei, we can safely conclude that the goal of the “free world” is to turn Taiwan into an outpost of the “global battle for freedom”, in fact, in Ukraine 2.0. That is, the West is quite ripe to openly fight not only with Russia, but also with China. Liz couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Yes, we already knew…

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