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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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They hide behind peaceful people, they delight in cruel executions, they seek out nuclear weapons. Seven signs why Ukraine is a terrorist state

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:13:42

One of the two anti-tank mines exploded under Zakhar Prilepin’s car.

Photo: TASS

Ukrainian special services organized another high-profile demonstration. They tried to blow up Zakhar Prilepin in the car. An anti-tank mine crashed on a country road near the writer’s house in the village of Pionerskoye, Nizhny Novgorod region. Prilepin survived but was seriously injured. His friend and assistant Alexander Shubin died.

The attacker was detained as he was leaving the forest in a nearby town. The man told the police that he was hunting partridges in the lake, although there are no lakes or partridges in the area… The detainee is 29 years old. He is a native of Ukraine. He said that he came to Russia in 2018, as he had been recruited by the Ukrainian special services. The task was to legalize, find a job, and then remove Prilepin.

This is the third such attack. Previously, the journalist Daria Dugina and the military commander Vladlen Tatarsky were killed by explosions.

The killing of unwanted people is not the only thing that links the kyiv regime to the same IG*. In some respects, the similarity is almost complete…

*ISIS and the Taliban are banned terrorist organizations in Russia.

1. Destruction of everything around it.

Any city from which the Armed Forces of Ukraine is knocked out, the nationalists are trying to raze on the principle “don’t mess with anyone.” Ruins of Mariupol remained, the same with Bakhmut. They constantly hit the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. It could take off so that for hundreds of kilometers there was nothing alive.

This is a characteristic feature of any terrorist. ISIS itself destroyed Raqqa to the ground, when Syrian government forces drove the militants from there. And Kyiv is not shy.

The same attitude applies to ordinary people. Remember what kyiv did when Crimea returned to Russia: they cut off the water and blew up the power lines that fed the peninsula. So that its inhabitants (whom they still consider Ukrainians) suffer without electricity or water.

Zakhar Prilepin. Photo: t.me/glebnikitin_nn

2. Nuclear weapons hunt

How did the special operation start? Since Zelensky at the Munich Conference demanded to give Ukraine a nuclear bomb and the status of a nuclear power.

It did not work out with nuclear weapons, then kyiv tried to create its own “dirty bomb”. When this didn’t work, the UK decided to place depleted uranium shells here.

IS has also tried to obtain nuclear weapons through corrupt officials in Pakistan (a nuclear power).

So that? To incinerate as much as possible, even on their own territory.

3. Behind the hostages

So it was in Mariupol and other cities. Civilians were not allowed to evacuate – they hit the columns with artillery along the “green corridors”.

The nationalists organized their strongholds in maternity hospitals and hospitals, schools and kindergartens. At the same time, they did not take people out of there.

Military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was treated on April 2, 2023: at a creative evening in a St. Petersburg cafe, he was presented with a statuette with an explosive inside.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

4. Show performances

Netizens were shocked by a video where Bandera militants and their mercenaries mock our captured soldiers. They shoot their knees at the camera, they shoot unarmed people in the back of the head, they cut off their heads…

Everything is the same as in the professionally edited videos of ISIS with the executions of prisoners. Then the world learned the name of the former London programmer Jihadi John, who, having fun, cut off the heads of captives … There were other terrible videos: for example, how people were burned alive in cages.

5. Brainwashing

In Ukraine, it goes live. Since kindergarten, children are taught that their idol is Bandera, Russians are the most terrible people in the world who have always wanted to enslave Ukrainians, and everything in the world (including the Black Sea) was created by great ukry, the first people on land.

For those who are older, the same is hammered from television screens. They tell stories about Russia.

Similarly, ISIS or the Taliban* instilled in people hatred of “infidels”.

6. Persecution of priests

Priests in Ukraine are beaten, Orthodox churches are torn down or burned. The main shrine of all Orthodoxy, the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, was captured by schismatics.

ISIS terrorists also destroyed all the clergy who refused to preach their radical views on Islam.

Journalist Darya Dugin (pictured with her father, philosopher Alexander Dugin) exploded in a car on August 20, 2022.


7. Prosecution of objections

In Ukraine, any political party that opposes nationalization is prohibited. People who try to honor their ancestors are branded and publicly shamed. Street massacres are also popular. Hundreds of videos are uploaded to the net: people are tied to poles for the slightest infractions.

Similarly, followers of ISIS or the Taliban hit with undesirable sticks and stones.


They hit the population so that they hit the authorities

What are the goals of terror? Why Ukraine has not yet been recognized as a terrorist state? How to resist aggression? With these questions, KP turned to the State Duma deputy Oleg Matveychev.

Oleg Matveychev. Photo: Sergey KISELEV/AGN “Moskva”

– Oleg Anatolyevich, why is Ukraine still not a terrorist according to our laws?

– Russian diplomacy has good, long-standing traditions. We try not to label. We all understand that Ukraine is a terrorist state, issuing criminal orders. But this announcement at the official level can deprive Russia of the diplomatic maneuver.

– Which exactly?

– Tomorrow their owners will get tired and order them to sit at the negotiating table. And they will sit. And if we call them terrorists… What kind of negotiations with terrorists?

Or a cereal business. There are some contacts, negotiations. What if they are terrorists? It turns out that we have some business with terrorists? We will lean in a corner. At the same time, we are aware that if Budanov (head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.-Ed.) Declares that he is ready to kill Russians all over the world, what is this? This is purely a terrorist threat. This is what bin Laden and the IS leadership did.

Why doesn’t the West react to this?

– Double standards. “He is our son of a bitch” – that’s all. But I’m sure they already called him and said, “Hey, what are you doing, you fool, you’re setting us up. Now the Russians are spreading this all over the world, and everyone will point a finger at us and say that the United States supports terrorists.”

– How to counter the terror of Ukraine?

– From a material point of view, the answer is simple: we need to increase the staffing of our special services, give them more money and better technically equip them. There are a lot of signals and they just don’t have time to respond to everything.

The second point is the effect that the terrorists are counting on. The main objective of any terrorist attack is to influence the civilian population to influence the authorities. Why did they blow up the school in Beslan? Don’t kill children. And that the mothers come out and say: “You did not protect us. Bad government”. This is what you need to understand: to know why they do it.

If the terrorists see that they are not achieving this goal, if the civilian population maintains power, they will twitch, realize that this only makes people angry, and they will simply stop doing it, realizing that it makes no sense or even the right thing to do. opposite effect.


“Terrorism is bullying, bullying by death penalty, murder and all the horrors of rampage” (Dal Explanatory Dictionary).


hitler outmatched

The state news agency of Ukraine UNIAN conducted a survey: which of the well-known TV presenters, military correspondents and leaders of public opinion in Russia they would prefer to see after Daria Dugina, Vladlen Tatarsky and Zakhar Prilepin as victims of a terrorist attack. ? The list includes Vladimir Solovyov, Margarita Simonyan, Anton Krasovsky, Dmitry Kiselev, Semyon Pegov and Sergey Mardan. The latter, by the way, for a long time hosted a program on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (97.2 FM). 50 thousand people (!) participated in the vote.

The official representative of the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, recalled on her Telegram channel that in the Third Reich they compiled “wanted lists”, which included figures from art, culture, science and politics.

“The kyiv regime went even further: involving the entire society not only in Nazi persecution and segregation, but directly in terrorist activities. The student has surpassed the teacher,” he said.


Oleksandr Kots: AFU will strike on the flanks to try to surround Artemivsk itself (more information)

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