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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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They warn of the new method to steal money from the bank with just one call: how to avoid it

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 18:36:10

The new method to steal money from the bank through a phone call is one more twist on the scams that already exist and that cybercriminals use to steal all your savings. More than one bank in Spain advises its customers to be especially careful when answering calls or SMS or WhatsApp messages that urgently ask for any bank key. Without a doubt, we are facing one of these scams: vishing, phishing or smishing. The difference between them only resides in the method that is used. The most used lately is the first.

Vishing is the scam in which cyberfraudsters seek to deceive their victim by making a phone call to get their bank details. The method consists of receiving a call from a worker at our bank in which he alerts us that suspicious movements have been detected in our bank account. The victim quickly becomes alert and does not question anything, even less when the scammer assures that high charges are being made to the credit card or high bank transfers are being seen.

It is at that moment of panic that the victim who fears for their savings enters when they request their authorization to block all these operations. The next step will be to send him an SMS and ask him to enter his bank account and enter those digits. From that moment it will be the criminals who will have access to those savings.

The first of the recommendations of cybersecurity experts is always not to give any personal or banking data to anyone because banks do not request this information, much less the keys to access personal finances.

Methods that steal money from the bank

Scammer posing as a bank clerk isn’t the only way cybercriminals try to steal your savings. From ING they warned of the alleged computer technician. In this case, with the excuse of cleaning the computer from viruses, they request payment through a platform where all bank details are recorded. There is also the danger that they will take all the data they have on the computer.

It is also very common to impersonate the commercial of a telephone company that asks for your bank details to make a refund. For the last time, the entity alerts all customers who are selling a second-hand product. There is the case of the criminal who poses as a buyer and after showing interest in an item, requests all the bank details to expedite the payment.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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