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Monday, December 4, 2023
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This is how Formula 1 planes are to reduce emissions with the help of Santander

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 13:26:44

Some specific activities are traditionally linked to CO₂ emissions. This is the case of Formula 1, a motor sport that is betting more strongly than ever to reverse this image. For this reason, this competition has already made cars 30% more efficient, the first step to achieve the sustainable model based on Net Zero (zero carbon emission) and achieve, by 2025, a carbon-neutral engine.

To achieve this, it uses its alliance with Banco Santander, which has returned to racing as a sponsor of Ferrari, and the technology and constant innovation that define Formula 1. It not only uses technology to improve the competitiveness of its single-seaters, also to maintain all possible power and ensure the show, while being respectful of the environment.

The Race Director of the Ferrari team, Laurent Mekies, confirms that such efficient engines have never been achieved in Formula 1 and in road cars: Take the SF90 Stradale, for example. It is one of the best supercars: it offers 1000 horsepower, hybrid technology and a consumption of less than 6 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. These types of figures were completely unthinkable a few years ago, and we are really sure that the role that technological development has played in Formula 1 to obtain these innovations has been key.”

“We are sure that the role played by technological development in Formula 1 has been key”

For this, resuming sponsorship with Banco Santander has been key, since both brands share the same philosophy in favor of sustainability and the fight against climate change: “Sponsorship has changed a lot in recent years. Now we are talking about finding the right partners, and that is exactly what we are finding with Santander. They have come here with an incredible sustainability agenda. We are capable of sharing our vision, we are capable of sharing our values ​​and we are capable of encouraging ourselves to achieve more”, details the director.

the ideal sponsorship

Formula 1 itself coincides with both in values ​​and commitment to the environment. Thus, the three work to achieve the goals set in relation to the fight against climate change and lead the change towards sustainability in the automotive sector, something to which all the players in this sport join, including the stars.

The technological innovations of Formula 1 are also implemented in road cars.BS

“We use the technology that we have used in Formula 1 for road cars and to achieve a better world. But also in terms of recycling, here at the factory, on the track, with solar panels at the factory. With very little that anyone does in daily life, it can make a big difference. So all this is what we will try to do as a team to contribute to a better world,” says Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

For his part, his Spanish counterpart in the team, Carlos Sainz, agrees that “drivers are an integral part of a Formula 1 car because in the end we are the ones who make it even more efficient with our driving trying to save tires, trying to save gasoline … We are thinking all the time about how to make the race as efficient and as short as possible.”

“We are thinking all the time about how to make the race as efficient and as short as possible”

For this reason, the sponsorship agreement between Santander and Ferrari has come at the perfect time, by sharing ambitions and values. Both brands have set the same objectives to achieve sustainability and make the new carbon-neutral engine a reality.

“Santander, like Ferrari, has a long history. This track record is based on doing the right thing every day for all of our clients and delivering brilliant service, doing the basics exceptionally well. If we do so and put sustainable business practices at the heart of our business model, we can make a real difference, not just for tomorrow, but for future generations,” says Banco Santander Senior Advisor George Bridges.

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