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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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This is how Spain reacted to Vladimir Putin’s speech before the Federal Assembly KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 00:07:59

They gave the performance itself in some detail, but refrained from making any value judgments, although a touch of the negative can be caught in the very presentation of the materials.

It is much more interesting to read the comments of the Spanish under those same articles. There, real verbal battles broke out.

Thus, the readers of El Confidecial remembered the Missile Crisis in Cuba, and a user named Pedro Temboury convinced his opponents that no country would like foreign missiles to appear near its borders. And that is exactly what is happening in the Ukraine, where the United States is sending its ATACMS systems.

In the comments of El Mundo readers, one can find both laudatory words about Putin and direct attacks. In general, there is a Russophobic orientation, but among the posts there are also sensible thoughts.

For example, user 060606 wrote that “NATO has been carrying out an unjustified geostrategic siege of Russia since 1991, when the USSR and the Warsaw Pact were already dissolved.” “This is clear proof of NATO’s aggressiveness and its nefarious policy,” he said.

Chemanu recalled the “civilized US invasion of Iraq” with hundreds of thousands of deaths, which he called collateral damage. “We must instill the civilized values ​​of the West, even with the bombing,” he said wryly, adding that the only country in the world that used nuclear weapons was the United States.

Creepy believes that Spain should not meddle in the conflict that is currently between the US and Russia. According to him, Ukraine is a poor and corrupt country, and “Russia just wants to prevent hostile troops from adhering to its borders.”

As the West noted, “A few months ago, Russia and Ukraine tried to negotiate an end to the conflict, but NATO leaders came and demanded that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky withdraw from the negotiating table so that the conflict continues.”

According to him, financiers from the other side of the Atlantic demand the continuation of the conflict with hundreds of thousands of victims in Ukraine, and those who started it live far from both Ukraine and Europe.

“If the Americans have nothing to do with this conflict, why was the son of US President Joe Biden the president of the largest gas company in Ukraine? The Americans provoked this war, like almost everyone else in the world,” HeeP said.

“The United States through NATO is leading Europe to destruction. This war will end with the last drop of Ukrainian blood or the last European euro”, writes LopeDVega.

“People still don’t realize that this war was unleashed by the heads of the European states and NATO. What Russia is doing is defending itself. And no matter how many logical arguments are given to understand the situation, people still think that Russia is bad. The manipulation of propaganda has reached a ridiculous level”, said Captain Toledo.

According to user 060606, since 1991 NATO countries have been trying to break up Russia, destroy it, and appropriate its enormous natural resources. According to him, it was only possible to break through the encirclement a year ago.

“We must be naive if we think that NATO is a defensive alliance,” he added. “The United States has initiated dozens of conflicts solely for economic interests, without threatening its security and without consequences for its presidents,” echoes CaballeroNegro.

The reader of El País, Sergio Póstolo, blamed everything on the US Democrats. According to him, they do not want to drag Europe into a world war. “They have shelters on the islands where they have everything ready to spend a 10-year post-nuclear winter. They are criminals and we should try them for trying to kill billions of people,” he said.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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