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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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This is how this young woman earns more than 3,700 euros a week with her business

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 23:50:07

8 days in an office are not for everyone, but working as a freelance may not give us the income we need to support us month to month or, at least hours, that is what we have heard. Giulia Chilin has shown that this last support can be refuted thanks to her remote work and her salary, both weekly and monthly.

This young Colombian woman works as a virtual assistant, in a freelance mode, she manages to earn figures that reach almost 4,000 euros a week. It is obvious that, as a freelance, that salary is not regular, although she does manage to consolidate herself at 800 dollars a week, which represents a minimum of 3,200 euros a month.

As it does? Giulia works through an app for freelancers called Upwork and on her website, as well as on her social media profiles, she explains how to work through this platform and earn more and more money by always working remotely.

How to get freelance jobs remotely

The first thing is to choose the niche in which we are going to focus. In other words, choose what kind of work we want to do or what companies we want to contact. Giulia is a virtual assistant specializing in e-commerce companies, for example, so we should define our services along these lines before starting to search.

In this step, she recommends receiving some type of specific training or refreshing our knowledge in order to stand out in the sector in which we want to start working.

Then tap create profile in the app. The basic information that this young woman recommends including, yes or yes, is the following:

Title with an exact and clear description of the professional services. Outstanding skills, projects or achievements. The value of your working hours. The application takes 20%. Languages. Training, only the one related to your niche or your profile.

With this step completed, it’s time to apply for jobs. Giulia recommends betting on companies related to our position and our niche on Upwork, since the number of contacts that can be established with companies is limited and you have to know how to take advantage of them.

This young woman is alert to scam jobs, so you have to check which worker or company has the verified payment in your profile. You can also consult the opinions and comments of other freelancers and talk to them to exchange opinions.

Finally, the best advice is to know how to choose the vacancies: it is best to bet on offers with less than 20 applications received, to increase the chances of getting the job. Likewise, it is advisable to check the offers every day first thing in the morning.

Once the job has been secured, all the tasks requested and specified on the platform must be uploaded to Upwork, where the workflow with the company is maintained. Payments are also made through this platform, which marks the balance obtained with each transfer.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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