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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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This is the MediaMarkt ‘outlet’: daily offers on mobiles, TVs and more articles

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 16:56:25

Reconditioned, discontinued or with small aesthetic defects products are becoming more and more popular in Spain due to their low prices. To respond to this demand, MediaMarkt recently opened its first physical ‘outlet’ in Spain in Pinto (Madrid), which is complemented by the one on the web and on eBay, where each store offers its discounted items for sale. We have visited it to see if it is worth going to the south of the capital and in search of a bargain.

The first thing that catches your eye is the capacity. Compared to the MediaMarkt ‘megastores’ that are normally found in shopping centers, the ‘outlet’ is quite small. Barely 200 meters away in a small store that is located within the logistics and services ‘hub’ located in Pinto. This physical limitation means that the offer is not as wide as one might expect.

Regarding the ‘stock’ of the store, which is around 100 products, one of the store clerks explains that “every day different items that arrive go on sale and we do not know what they are”, although she stresses that sometimes some arrive “quite reduced and that they are good opportunities”. In addition, they have an ‘express’ repair service in one hour.

Mobile phones, televisions and other devices

Mobile phones in the MediaMarktL.I outlet.

If you are looking for a bargain to change your ‘smartphone’, this is not your store. Just four mid-range phones, all of them with minor cosmetic damage. A Xiaomi, a Vivo and two Samsung, the cheapest, the A32 for 171 euros instead of 229. It is easier to find a Smart TV that meets our needs, since there are a dozen Samsung, LG or Xiaomi, of different sizes, between 250 and 1100 euros, approximately.

In a small display case there is space for other devices. Just an Xbox One and headphones for company, surely the most striking thing about the ‘outlet’: an Apple Watch reduced from 639 to 479 euros. And in another of the shelves there are spaces for a dozen laptops starting at 250 euros.

small appliances

Small household appliances in the outlet of MediaMarktL.I.

In the physical ‘outlet’ of MediaMarkt there are interesting offers on small household appliances. The Moulinex i-Companion XL Kitchen Robot stands out for 599 euros. In home cleaning, Roomba, Xiaomi or Cecotec robot vacuum cleaners, from 142 euros or cordless vacuum cleaners. We also found several discounted capsule coffee makers from L’Or, Dolce Gusto and the like, as well as a clothes iron.

large appliances

Large household appliances in the outlet of MediaMarktL.I.

One side of the store is lined with refrigerators of various sizes, heights, and colors. If you are looking for one, you will find a good offer to renew it. There is even some type of two-door American from just over 500 euros. In addition, there are other kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and washing machines, which have defects on the back or sides, so they are not visible.

Electric scooters, purifiers, air conditioners…

Electric scooters in the MediaMarktL.I outlet.

The store’s offer, which as tenths, varies day by day, is completed with different items. There are several electric scooters between 250 and 500 euros, some of them with signs of use, which in this case is more noticeable, and accessories. There are also purifiers, some ‘split’ to mount an air conditioner at home, ‘gaming’ chairs or universal controls for televisions, among other items.

In short, an ‘outlet’ with a limited offer where you can find good prices if you are willing to buy an item with a small scratch, almost always not very visible. But in which we are not always going to find what we are looking for, rather it is possible that we have to go several times to find it, something that is not the most comfortable considering its location in an industrial estate in Pinto.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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