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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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This is the salary of civil servants after the increase from this month of January

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:41:14

This month of January is presented with important changes for the more than 2.7 million civil servants in Spain, who will see their salaries increase on the first payroll of the year. It was two months ago when the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, reached an agreement with Comisiones Obreras and UGT, although on that occasion without the support of CSIF, to agree on a salary increase of 9.5% between 2022 and 2024. This is included in the new General State Budgets. State public sector workers are also included, totaling 513,721 employees, such as public employees of the autonomous communities (1,611,697) and officials of local entities (592,152).

To be more exact, an increase of 1.5% was operated retroactively for last year. Regarding the next twelve months, it will be 2.5%, while in 2024 it will reach 2%. In addition, it must be borne in mind that a review clause of an additional percentage point will be added based on the CPI and the improvement in GDP for 2023. The charge from this same month of January will vary depending on the professional category.

At the top are the officials of Group A, whose main requirement is that they must be in possession of a university degree. Likewise, they are divided into Subgroups A1 and A2. Just one step below is Group B, for which you must be in possession of the Superior Technical Title. In addition, to this we must add Group C, which in turn is divided into Subgroup C1 -high school or technical degree- and Subgroup C2 -graduated in Compulsory Secondary Education or ESO.

Salaries of civil servants after the rise of 2.5% by 2023

These salary improvements will mean an average of between 21 and 43 euros more per month for civil servants, depending on their professional category and subgroup. However, as mentioned above, these salaries could increase up to one percentage point in the event that the harmonized CPI from September 2022 to that of this year exceeds 6%. It should be noted that December closed at 5.7%.

In addition, another requirement is added. “And if nominal GDP in 2023 equals or even exceeds last year.” Therefore, civil servants could receive the second 0.5% increase that would complement the 1% of the total improvements. Having said this, salaries in the public service will be as follows by 2023.

Officials of Group A: Subgroup A1 and A2

Public officials belonging to Group A, divided into Subgroups A1 and A2, will see their base salaries increased taking into account 1.5% retroactively for 2023, plus 2.5% for 2023:

Subgroup A1: 1,497.18 euros per month. Subgroup A2: 1.14.05 euros per month.

Group B officials

In the case of Group B, the base salary remuneration in 2023 increases to 987.74 euros per month.

Group C officials

In the case of Group C, it is also divided into Subgroup C1 and Subgroup C2:

Subgroup C1: 836.75 euros per month. Subgroup C2: 693.31 euros per month.

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