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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Threats and insults: Surgeon Khaidarov’s patient was called to the police for the third time

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 08:37:00

The former patient of star surgeon Alexander Vdovin repeatedly insulted and threatened his family. Photo: personal archive of Svetlana Silvasha.

Recall that Timur Khaidarov’s wife went to the police because the former patient of the star surgeon, Alexander Vdovin, repeatedly insulted and threatened her and her family, and also demanded 10 million rubles as compensation for a failed operation performed in 2017. However, for six years, for some reason, Alexander never came to the clinic with complaints. We already wrote that a week ago Vdovin regretted everything, but then he told KP.RU that he did not regret anything. Today Alexander was called to the police for the third time.

Photo: personal archive of Svetlana Silvasha.

Yesterday and today, Vdovin, who recently had implants removed on his buttocks, came to the Otradnensky police department to testify again. Alexander seemed like a completely healthy person.

“After the first explanatory conversation, Vdovin seemed to calm down and promised not to bother the doctor or his wife anymore. However, work on the application continues, which is why he was summoned,” Khaidarov’s lawyer Alexander Benkhin told KP.RU.

Recall that Alexander Vdovin demanded 10 million rubles from Khaidarov as compensation for an unsuccessful operation he carried out six years ago. Alexander then began openly insulting and threatening the surgeon and his family on social media. Timur’s wife, Svetlana Silvashi, was even afraid to return to Russia from a vacation in Greece, since Vdovin knows the address at which she is registered.

As a result, Alexander performed an operation to remove the implants to another doctor and sent them for examination. According to him, the implants are not labeled and may even be toxic.

“In the near future I will receive the exam documents and make them public,” Alexander told KP.RU.

However, Dr. Timur Khaidarov presented a registration certificate for Vdovin’s implants. According to the documents, everything is in order with medical products.

Photo: personal archive of Svetlana Silvasha.

According to lawyer Khaidarov, Alexander Vdovin can go to court and decide everything strictly according to the letter of the law.

“If Vdovin is really dissatisfied with the results of the operation six years ago, then he has every right to go to court, conduct an examination and settle things with Khaidarov strictly within the legal framework. But threats and extortion on his part are absolutely unacceptable and must be prosecuted in accordance with the law,” Khaidarov’s lawyer Alexander Benkhin told KP.RU.

Puck Henry
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